Play “Stack the Crates” on your Android TV – probably the first Phaser game running on Android TV

Do you have an Android TV or a device working with Android TV?

Then you can’t miss a free physics game which is probably the first Phaser game running on Android TV: Stack the Crates

While you can install virtually any Android game on your Android TV with some workaround, getting yor app officially approved requires some extra effort.

I published some hints to make your HTML5 game run as a native Android TV app using Android Studio and Cordova and as you can see, they worked.

While not that intuitive like building on the cloud with, Android Studio allowed me to tune the app to make it work on Android TV and be approved by the review team.

Also, the Android Studio application is only 2MB against the 10MB generated by Cocoon.

I will release the entire Android Studio project soon (100MB, going to find a CDN), meanwhile get Stack the Crates on your Android TV or on your Android device.

  • bitelchux

    I am very very interested in Android TV html5 game porting, but I dont know if it is worthy (do you have too many daily installs?) and overall, how to monetize it…
    Your blog is very cool, good job!!!

    • Emanuele Feronato

      I don’t think it will generate a lot of installs, but if you can make your game run on TV with almost no effort, you should do it.

  • Duane Burnett

    Very cool stuff. I must say that finding your site has been a great help to me!

    • Emanuele Feronato

      thank you!!