Step by step guide to integrate Gamedistribution API in your HTML5 game

Although HTML5 has completely replaced Flash when we talk about performance and portability to multiple operating systems, the thin I miss the most about Flash times is the easiness to distribute and monetize it even without licensing to a big game portal.

Services like MochiMmedia and FlashGameDistribution helped thousands of independent developers to monetize their games.

As of today, I hate to say you won’t find it anything able to replace these services, but there are some promising sites doing a great work and maybe in a next future they could finally provide everything you need to monetize your HTML5 games.

I already talked about in this post and now it’s time to show you a step by step guide to integrate their API in your HTML5 games and start making money out of them.

Once you register, you need to enter your dashboard and add a new game:

You will need to give your game an unique name, do not care about “Game Platform” section and click “Next”

Now it’s time to add a thumbnail of your game and choose a game category. With the experience I made when porting the game on Android TV, I like to include the name of the game in the thumbnail.

You will be given a couple of IDs you should copy somewhere safe.

At this time you need to make some changes to your game to integrate it with Gamedistribution API.

First, initializa the API:

Then, when you want to show your banner, call

I placed showBanner method each time I show the game title.

Now zip the game, rename it from to yourgame.html5 and you are ready to upload it, so click on the “edit” icon in the dashboard and upload the game:

Once the game is loaded, just fill in the remaining fields of the form, just remember to select “Pre-Game ads”

And you’re done. Now your game needs to be approve, just like mine. As soon as it gets approved, I will publish the link for you to see it.

  • axadream

    Hi. Is still the potential in 2018 to monetize HTML5 games using phaser? I have the feeling that the 3D games will be more in demand, but this is only my thought. I have some programming experience in C# and Java and I would like to start learn also javascript, but first I would like to know your opinion about what potential could be in 2018 for HTML5 2D games. Because you’ve published some programming books, please tell which of your books might be the best to start to learn from? Thanks!

  • Tomas Rychnovsky

    Hi, I would like to ask what is “banner” in GD terms? Is it really banner – small bar with some ad on top or bottom of screen or is it fullscreen (interstitial) ad? Thanks.

  • roxxon

    Is there an option to put a browser game on GameDistribution site?
    (No uploads, running on developers servers, 3rd party cookies, running in i-frames, in-game rewarded video ads, in-game purchases)