Build a HTML5 game with Construct and Gamee API and win consoles and other great prizes

I love casual game design, mainly for two reasons:

1 – They can be made by an one-man studio.

2 – They will force you to add twists to the genre – if you want your game not to be forgotten in a matter of seconds – pushing your creativity to the limit.

That said, I am going to show you an interesting contest featuring casual games, Construct and Gamee.

You should already know Construct, I published about 30 tutorials with this framework.

Gamee is a platform that allows you to play great little games using their own social app (available on both iOS and Android) or directly in messaging apps Telegram and Kik. And they’ve just finished developing a pair of plugins that will allow you to deploy your Construct creations onto their platform.

And this is where the competition starts: create a Construct – no matter the version, just use Construct – portrait game, hyper casual and endless, using Gamee API and you can win an Xbox One, a Nintendo Switch, a Construct 3 subscription other than having your game featured on Gamee network with tens of millions monthly players.

These are the official Scirra and Gamee pages about the competition, which ends on February 28.

Good luck!