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Goodbye AS2…

If you noticed, my last post about AS2 coding is New tile based platform engine – part 11 – slopes part b, almost a month ago. I decided to quit talking about AS2 because I am not using it anymore, excluding a couple of games I am about to complete. I am not that happy […]

Platform engine variation with hangable tiles

This is another version of my platform engine made by Bryan Devlin introducing some graphics, a visual death and hangable roofs. Bryan spread out the code to follow and understand it a bit better. This is what you’ll get: Notice the hangable tiles, that’s the major improvement. You can download source code here. Also, Bryan […]

How to ask for help: the Philippines example

Normally everyday I receive about 10 emails asking for help. They all seem to be made with a template, something like this: “hey this script does not work. Can you fix it?” Obviously I cannot fix someone else’s scripts, but sometimes I got really impressed by an help request. It happened about one year ago […]

ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 Migration Cheatsheet

If you are worried about the changes introduced by AS3 and would like a cheatsheet for a quick reference of most of them, then you should take a look at This site provides some interesting printable quick reference cards for the ActionScript language. AS3, Flex, AIR, Papervision, and more. Unfortunately the site seems to […]