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New tile based platform engine – part 10 – optimization, doors n’ keys

Here we are with some optimization, as well as a feature some people requested: doors and keys. Let’s start with the first optimization step. Optimization See how does the script at step 9 determine if a tile is walkable (player can pass through it): if ((top_right != 0 and top_right != 5 and top_right != […]

Create a Flash game like Gold Miner – step 2

I received a lot of emails asking me to add left-right movement to my Gold Miner clone and requiring more information about manually placing the boulders. In order to add left-right movement, you need to check for left and right arrow keys and move the hook in the proper direction. Just remember you don’t have […]

New tile based platform engine – more theory

This post continues New tile based platform engine – theory behind the player and answers some questions made in these days. In this part I’ll explain how to determine collisions between the player and the walls. Once I know player position (easy to know thanks to _x and _y for AS2 or x and y […]

Create a Flash game like Gold Miner

Today I received an email from a reader asking me to make a tutorial of a game like Gold Miner. It’s a Flash demo of a downloadable game, and I think its gameplay is interesting enough to deserve a tutorial. The main actor in this game is the hook (in the original game, a claw). […]