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New tile based platform engine – part 4

For all jumping fanatics out there, I developed the jumping routine. You can jump hitting SPACE, hope you like it. From next post, I’ll start explaining how I developed this script and obviously I will add a lot of tile types. Now I need some decent pixel art to give the game a polished look. […]

New tile based platform engine – part 3

In this 3rd step I introduced the gravity. Now the hero starts on the top of the screen and he can walk “downhill” thanks to gravity. During next step I’ll introduce jumps, then a massive explication will follow. And AS3 version, of course. I have to say, making a platform engine is funny and a […]

New tile based platform engine – part 2

In the second part of the engine, I added boundary walls. Still raw code at the moment, but you can see it in action here. It’s the same thing as the one published in part 1, I just added walls and collisions. One note… the hero now has its anchor point on its center, where […]

New tile based platform engine – part 1

I am about to develop a tile based platform engine that (in my opinion) will allow to create a lot of different games just changing some parameters. At the moment it only allows to move horizontally but everything is planned, from rooms to jumps, ladders and ropes. My goal is making the developer only focus […]

Create a Flash game like PixelField – part 3

This is the 3rd step of the creation of this awesome game. In this step, I created a full playable game with 3 levels. Level generation is made through a function and a switch that renders the proper level. Full source code commented as usual, be sure to read part 2 before jumping into this […]

Create a Flash game like PixelField – part 2

Here we are with the second part of Create a Flash game like PixelField. In this step we’ll see how to draw a level. The game is obviously a tile based one, and I like how tiles are a bit smaller than the real tile size, to leave a little gap between tiles and make […]

Mouse avoider/Biggification remix prototype

Just a quick uncommented prototype involving growing (and moving) spheres and a sphere you control with the mouse. Click the mouse to change color, if you touch a sphere of the same colour as yours, you’ll make it disappear.

Tell me if you have some good ideas to turn it into a game and […]

Create a Flash game like Snowflakes

Today I enjoyed a cute game called Snowflakes and I am about to show you how to create the main engine behing the game. The game is simple: a bunch of stars (snowflakes in the game, but I guess the author new saw the snow…) is falling from the sky, and you can affect their […]

Flash obstacle avoidance prototype

Obstacle avoidance can be very important in Flash gaming because allows designers to create smart enemies. Obstacle avoidance behavior gives a character the ability to maneuver in a cluttered environment by dodging around obstacles. In this prototype, I’ll try to simulate everyday life. In everyday life, you walk straight until an obstacle appears in your […]

Create a Flash game like Cirplosion

Do you remember Cirplosion? It was quite successful some time ago, and now it’s time to create a game like it. In this tutorial we’ll design the main engine. When you are going to design a game, or to write whatever script, try to explain yourself what you are about to do. Let me try […]