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Create a Flash game like PixelField

I spent some time on PixelField and I liked the way you control the “player” and the overall concept. So here I am ready to clone it for Tony Pa’s pleasure… In this first step I’ll show you how to control the player. In this version you control a square (in the original one it […]

Design interfaces you can touch with PowerCursor

If you want to add a new twist to your interface or games, you should try PowerCursor by Koert van Mensvoort (look at his site…) According to the official site, PowerCursor is a software toolkit in Flash for designing interfaces you can touch. Tactile sensations like stickiness, roughness, pressure, volume or mass can be experienced […]

Game prototype involving shape drawing and a ball

Sometimes I play and mess with code to get some interesting game prototypes. Although I am not satisfied about this one, I want to share it with you anyway. You have to draw a lasso with the mouse trying to catch the ball inside the shape you will create. In this case you’ll win. If […]

Create a Flash Game like Nano War – step 2

In the 1st step we created the units and the engine to select them. Now it’s time to write the code to let selected unit(s) send troops to other unit. I created a new frame for the sphere object, a green circle, representing the target unit. Let’s make a recap: Frame 1: black circle, unselected […]

Create a Flash Game like Nano War

Some days ago I played a bit Nano War. It’s an interesting RTS, and pretty easy to delvelop. In this part we’ll analyze the unit selection system. In Nano War your units are circles, and this helps a lot because it’s very easy to determine collisions knowing radius and center. Anyway, you can select units […]

Showing MochiAds leaderboards in any Flash movie or web page

Ok, so you created your awesome game, embedded MochiAds leaderboards and want to publish high scores in your homepage, in another Flash movie, or wherever you want, just outside the game. Just think about Kongregate, that shows top scores on the right of the game you are playing. That’s what we are going to do. […]

Create a Flash game like Deflection – part 3

Multipart tutorial: available parts 1, 2, 3 In this 3rd part we are going to create a complete game with exit and two levels. Read parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t done it already. I’ll also fix a bug reported by Questo: I was playing around and if you right click while making a […]

Make a game like Lumines with Flash – part 3

Now it’s time to make bricks disappear if they group in a 2×2 square. Read part 1 and 2 if you did not already. It’s not difficult to check if bricks form a 2×2 square… and it’s not difficult to remove them from the stage. The tricky part is making bricks fill the empty spaces […]