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360 degrees panorama viewer with Flare3D

This is a quick experiment with two sided materials in Flare3D. We start with this photo taken without any kind of permission from 360pixel: And with a Flare3d sphere with a two sided material and this actionscript:

Understanding AS3 getDefinitionByName (for all eval maniacs)

Sometimes you may want to create a new class or DisplayObject only starting from its name. This is where something like an eval function would come into play, but we have to manage it in a different way with AS3. Look at this movie: Circles are four different objects called symbol1, symbol2, symbol3 and symbol4 […]

Pausing a Flash game or movie detecting its focus

Sometimes we want our Flash game or movie to stop when the user is not playing/watching it. It’s a feature blog readers ask me frequently, because once they read the post, often they need to reload the page to enjoy the demostrative Flash movie as it was already running before readers could see it. Also, […]

Create complex Box2D shapes in a click with PhysicsEditor

With Box2D is very easy to create primitives like boxes or spheres, but when you have to handle more complex shapes, things get nasty. You have to use compound objects and it’s not as intuitive as it should be. In our help comes PhysicsEditor by Andreas Low The software allows you to create complex bodies […]