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Get detailed statistics about your Flash game with SWFStats

Are you looking for a fresh and complete tool to track how your game is performing? Then SWFStats may be the API you need. SWFStats is a Flash analytics software with a lot of features, some of them absolutely unique for this kind of software. Let’s see them: Easy integration Track views, playtime Tracks views […]

Games that Challenge the World Come2Play contest – $8,000 in prizes

Do you want to make something interesting out of the Come2Play multiplayer API tutorial? Here it is your chance to win up to $5,000!! Come2Play – Creators of the first white-label social gaming platform and multiplayer game API – are holding a contest, in conjunction with the LinkedIn Flash Game Developers group, for the development […]

Way of an Idea Box2D prototype – Step 3

Welcome to the 3rd part. In part 2 we allowed the player to draw the chalk track in a “paused” Box2D environment and then run the simulation. Now it’s time to delete our chalk track. A bit of theory: although the simulation is paused, the chalk bodies are already placed in the Box2D world. So […]

Flave, a new open source AS3 Verlet physics engine

Do you remember Luis Fernando Silva? He released a Box2D platform engine some months ago, and now I am publishing his last work, a Verlet physics engine. If you need more information about Verlet integration, check this post. This is what Luis says: « So, I was developing a small physics engine for a game […]

Come2Play multiplayer API tutorial

Today I want to introduce you a Come2Play multiplayer API tutorial written by Emanuele Ornella from Mind the Move. Emanuele is a Flash game developer and a board game designer too. « After the development of my first two games Tokyo Train and Haunted house I am interested in development of a multiplayer game. For […]

Create amazing particle effects with Stardust Particle Engine

Time to learn something about particle systems… the term particle system refers to a computer graphics technique to simulate certain fuzzy phenomena, which are otherwise very hard to reproduce with conventional rendering techniques. Examples of such phenomena which are commonly replicated using particle systems include fire, explosions, smoke, moving water, sparks, falling leaves, clouds, fog, […]

Shrink it Box2D prototype – Step 2

In the previous step I showed you how to shrink/expand any kind of polygon. Anyway in the original game, you can’t expand objects as much as you want, because you need mass to do it, and this adds strategy to the gameplay, because you have to shrink objects to gather the necessary mass to expand […]

Way of an Idea Box2D prototype – Step 2

It’s time to apply the concepts seen at Pausing a Box2D simulation with Way of an Idea Box2D prototype to create a paused Box2D simulation that will start only when you’ll press SPACE, and meanwhile you can draw paths, just like in the original game. The only problem with this technique is you can’t use […]

Pausing a Box2D simulation

There is a Box2D feature easy to implement and capable to add interesting gameplay that I haven’t found explained anywhere: the pause. I want to stop a Box2D simulation when I click the mouse, and to play it again with another click. The core function of this feature is Step. Normally is called this way: […]

Shrink it Box2D prototype

Finally the Shrink it prototype is ready. This post continues Scaling objects with Box2D and Scaling objects with Box2D – part 2, with these features: 1) You can’t modify static objects 2) You can shrink objects with left mouse button, and expand them with left mouse button + SPACE, as in the original game 3) […]