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Create complex Box2D shapes in a click with PhysicsEditor

With Box2D is very easy to create primitives like boxes or spheres, but when you have to handle more complex shapes, things get nasty. You have to use compound objects and it’s not as intuitive as it should be. In our help comes PhysicsEditor by Andreas Low The software allows you to create complex bodies […]

Box2d Flash Alchemy Port + World Construction Kit

I already showed you two ways of editing Box2D environments with Bison Kick and simply using the Flash IDE. Today I’ll show you the most advanced editor at the moment: World Construction Kit made with Box2D C++ 2D physics engine compiled with Adobe Alchemy. The demos on the official site are really awesome and the […]

Create Box2D levels in a quick with Bison Kick

Some time ago I published a Basic Box2D editor using Flash movieclips. Now it’s time to show you something way more interesting called Bison Kick by Jacob Schatz who runs the blog (bookmark it! It contains a lot of useful information). It’s an online Box2D editor with live preview. Besides it’s still under development, […]

Basic Box2D editor using Flash movieclips

When you are about to design a level or whatever else in Box2D, you have to face some design issues due to different unit measurements (Flash works with pixels while Box2D uses meters) and the common problems in level design: the need to have a WYSIWYG interface. Some frameworks such as Citrus Engine, have a […]