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Following a body with the camera in Box2D

If you want to make a good game, a good camera movement is necessary. This time we’ll learn to follow a Box2D object with the camera. Box2D does not have a “camera”, so we will have to move the stage according to body position. This is the same script as Real world catapult using Box2D […]

Quoted on Adobe Edge: April 2010 edition

If you want to read an interesting article about Flash games and physics, I suggest you to point your browser on Developing physics-based games with Adobe Flash Professional by Samuel Asher Rivello. I was quoted in the article, but what makes it really great is the way it will guide you through the creation of […]

Real world catapult prototype using Box2D – Cleaner code

We got it. After the first catapult prototype and the “slippery wheels” sequel, this is a version with realistic movement and a lot cleaner code. To add realistic movement I defined friction and restitution, making useless the CreateFixture2 function and widely using the more appropriate CreateFixture one. This way I have full control on fixtures, […]

Real world catapult prototype using Box2D

This is an early attempt to simulate a real world catapult using Box2D. Raw and uncommented code, but a lot of useful information about compound objects, revolute joints and motors. This is what you’ll get: Click with the mouse to shoot the ball.

Creation of a game with Citrus Engine

As said, we’re going to create a little game with Citrus Engine. Since the engine it’s ready, we can start with level design. So let’s open the Citrus Engine Level Architect, included in the package, and let’s start playing with it. The key of this little tool is the right mouse key. Pressing it will […]

Play ColorBallz, my latest Flash game

While I am giving the finishing touches at LineBall (yes, I found a sponsor), I want you to play ColorBallz. It’s a simple game I made in a couple of days starting from Basic Filler engine with Box2D – part 1, 2 and 3. All in all it’s almost the same game, I just added […]

Citrus Engine released for free for learning

Do you know Citrus Engine? It’s a Box2D library designed to allow game developers making 2D side-scrolling platform games, including a graphical level builder that allows you to drag, drop, and customize all of the game objects and art in your game. These are the main features, as they appear on the official site: