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Box2D platform engine alternative

Everybody should know Box2D is the best engine you can use to make a platform game. Rick Triqui, my latest game, was made with PlayCrafter that uses Box2D, and I’m starting to code my own Box2D platform engine. Luis Fernando Silva, author of the upcoming Darkness game (Sponsors! Contact him to see the work in […]

Basic Filler engine with Box2D – part 3

Here we are with the 3rd part… this time we’ll manage collision detection. I recommend to read step 1 and 2 before continuing. You should how to manage collisions with Box2D, and if not go and read Understanding how Box2D manages collisions, but this time we won’t use the collision handler. Since all collisions we […]

Platform engine using Box2D – Step 3

In this third part of the platform engine, it’s time to make our hero jump. First, I suggest you to read parts 1 and 2 if you already didn’t, then you should know something about the magic of compound objects and how Box2D manages collisions. Then, you’re ready to follow the tutorial :) The hero […]

Basic Filler engine with Box2D – part 2

Some time ago I published Basic Filler engine with Box2D – part 1, now it’s time to see the next step. I am going to add enemies, the evil bouncing balls. Obviously, enemies aren’t affected by gravity, and this can be made following the instructions published at Managing multiple gravities with Box2D. The next, big, […]

Managing multiple gravities with Box2D

One of the apparently hardest things to do with Box2D is assigning different gravity forces to different objects. For instance, you may want the world to be ruled with regular gravity, while you don’t want the bullet fired by your character to be affected, or you may want regular gravity for all boxes and inverted […]

Platform engine using Box2D – Step 2

After publishing Platform engine using Box2D, my attempt to replicate the Rick Triqui‘s main character continues. Now you can move the guy with left and right arrows, aim the bazooka with the mouse and shoot a bullet clicking on the mouse. The bazooka isn’t a Box2D object because I didn’t need to include it into […]

Platform engine using Box2D

Platform engines always represented a challenge for me, you can see my prototypes with AS2 and AS3, and this time I am going to make one using Box2D. Box2D is used as physics engine by PlayCrafter guys, and since the results you can see in Rick Triqui game are really interesting, I’ll start coding my […]

Prototype of a Flash game like Meeblings

You should all known Meeblings and the sequel, Meeblings 2. You have to help the Meeblings (cute creatures I’d love to burn alive) reaching the exit using some special abilities. One of such abilities attracts Meeblings when you click and hold the mouse on a special Meebling. In the prototype you are about to see, […]

Play Mazeroll, my latest Box2D game

After SamePhysics, I made another Box2D game called Mazeroll. You have to drag a maze to made two circles touch, collecting as much red orbs as you can, before time reaches zero. You can find some clues about the making of this game reading The magic of compound objects with Box2D and Perfect maze generation […]

Understanding how Box2D manages boundaries

Sometimes you may need to determine if your Box2D object has fallen off the screen. This mostly happens in games, where you are going to build something and some pieces may fall down, but obviously you can extend the concept to any application you may write. There are two “obvious” ways to do it: 1) […]