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Two ways to make Box2D cars

I am showing you two ways to make cars with Box2d, with source codes included These are examples I found on the web – I will make my ones later – you can find interesting in order to make cars using Box2D. Top Down Car Simulation Making a top down game in Box2D is not […]

The engine behind Splitter Flash game : working code

I think we finally have a working slicing engine. It started with The engine behind Splitter Flash game, then come The engine behind Splitter Flash game – first AS3 prototype and The engine behind Splitter Flash game – new AS3 prototypes. Now Guillaume Pommey aka pompom sent us a working version. I revised my prototype […]

Full Totem Destroyer prototype

Some time ago I posted Create a Flash game like Totem Destroyer, and now I am showing you a complete prototype made by Collin Douch. The prototype features slimy and non-removable blocks and collision detection between the totem and the ground. Such detection was made customizing Box2D’s b2ContactListener class. For more information about this class […]

Erase Box: the tutorial

Some days ago I blogged about Erase Box, a Box2D game made with my tutorials, now it’s time to publish Rodrigo‘s tutorial. « On a game I was making, I needed a way to detect if a body was leaving the screen. That can be done by checking the x and y positions of it, […]

Basic Filler engine with Box2D – part 1

Do you remember Filler? In Filler, your goal is simple: fill 2/3 of the level. To create a filler ball, press down. It will grow until you release the mouse button, it hits another filler ball, or a bouncing ball runs into it. I am showing you the first part, the creation of the filler […]

The engine behind Splitter Flash game – new AS3 prototypes

Splitting Box2D objects seem to be the ultimate challenge around here… after The engine behind Splitter Flash game – first AS3 prototype, now we have two updates… the first by Guillaume Pommey, author of the previous prototype and the second one by Bryce Summer. While Guillaume wants to refine a bit the final code before […]

A smart way to manage sleeping objects with Box2D

If you followed Box2D: tutorial for the absolute beginners, then you know you can put some object to “sleep” to improve performance by not simulating inactive bodies. This is CPU saving but can be used for some game concepts too. Just think about Super Stacker, where you have happy and afraid bricks. If you spend […]

Box2D joints: Gear Joints

Here I am with some infos about Gear Joints. Gear joints can be used to create a sophisticated mechanical contraption you might want to use a gears. In principle you can create gears in Box2D by using compound shapes to model gear teeth. This is not very efficient and might be tedious to author. You […]