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Create a Facebook application like “Friend interview” – Step 3

Here we go with the 3rd step. In this tutorial you will learn how to publish a full featured feed post to your friends’ wall, and to handle “umlauts” characters like “äöü” for the pleasure of our German readers, and for every user who has friends whose names contain special characters. This is the kind […]

Create a Facebook application like “Friend interview” – Step 2

In step 1 you learned how to authenticate and select a random friend of yours. In this second part you will learn how to get more information about your friends and how to post the answer on their wall. This is what you will get: and once you hit “Answer and publish” you will post […]

Create a Facebook application like “Friend interview”

Do you know Friend Interview? It’s a Facebook application which asks a random question about a random friend of yours, and publish the result on his wall. I won’t publish a snapshot of such app since it’s full of rubbish and ads, but I am sure you know what I am talking about (and moreover […]

PHP Facebook Graph API “Hello World” application

While I am preparing a new tutorial about Facebook applications (and a php FB game, maybe HTML5 based), I notice there isn’t any “Hello World” application about Facebook applications using the new Graph API with just some PHP lines. If you don’t know what is the Graph API and don’t want to get an headache […]

Horror Profile Facebook application source code released

Horror Profile is a Facebook application I developed a month ago. Now it’s time to release the source code. You will find some useful tips about dynamic image creation with php. If you are absolutely new to Facebook applications, I suggest you to read “Developing a Facebook Application for absolute beginners” posts 1, 2, 3, […]