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Creation of a game with flixel and Flash Builder 4

You should already know flixel. I blogged a bit about it some time ago in flixel for absolute beginners and flixel for absolute beginners – part 2. Now it’s time to make something serious, but in this first step I am covering again the basics of creation of a flixel game using Flash Builder 4. […]

flixel for absolute beginners – part 2

In flixel for absolute beginners I showed you how to complile a flixel project with Flex Builder 3. I was ready to make an “hello world” but I received some emails from people asking for a FlashDevelop step by step installation. It seems FlashDevelop is more popular than FlexBuilder 3… anyway here it is: First, […]

flixel for absolute beginners

flixel (with no uppercase) is Adam “Atomic” Saltsman free collection of Actionscript 3 files that helps organize, automate, and optimize Flash 2D raster based game development. You can download it at the official flixel webiste. The library is not that hard to use, but browsing the web I did not find any basic tutorial for […]

Official Facebook Actionscript API released!

On March 31 Facebook developers announced that Adobe and Facebook are working together to provide official support for building rich social applications in Flash. You can read the full Josh Elman’s announcement at this link. The new ActionScript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook Platform API, fully supported by Facebook and Adobe, makes it easy to […]

New tile based platform engine – AS3 version updated to step 10 PLUS scrolling

If you are looking for AS3 version of step 10, here it is… made by Robin vd Vleuten from the Netherlands with scrolling included! Hello Emanuele, I made it with flex so I use a swc to access the tiles. All the code is now in one actionscript-file, but I’m trying to convert the code […]

APE – Actionscript Physics Engine tutorial

October, 23rd update: Part 2 released With the increasing performances of Actionscript and modern computers, now we have enough power to simulate physics in a Flash movie. All we need is… let’s say… an huge knowledge of physics, constraints, integrations and so on. With all those things to think about, we cannot focus on the […]