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Create a game like Perfectionism with Flash

I found this game by Jason Roher and I found it very interesting. It’s a game about the trap of perfectionism Jason made for The Escapist magazine. Starting with 100 moves and zero points, you have to score as much as you can by shuffling rows and columns in order to match green squares with […]

Create a Flash game like Bloons tutorial

One of the moust famous Flash games ever is Bloons. Please, don’t make me explain what I am talking about. Just play it. I really do not know why nobody tried to make a clone of such a simple game. Then I realized… that’s because I never published a prototype of this game. Now, it’s […]

Full Renju game with source code

Do you know what is Renju? From Wikipedia: Renju or Lianzhu is the professional variant of Gomoku, a board game originated from Japan in Heian Period. It was named Renju by Japanese journalist Ruikou Kuroiwa in December 6, 1899 in a Japanese newspaper Yorozu chouhou. Lianzhu is a Chinese translation of Renju. It is played […]

Create a Flash ball game using AS3

Ok… I think it’s time to start talking about Actionscript 3. Even if AS2 is way to be dead, is becoming a bit obsolete… every new library like Box2DFlashAS3 only works in AS3, so sooner or later we must learn AS3. Obviously I won’t stop talking about AS2 until it’s dead and stinking… but this […]

Creation of a platform game with Flash – step 3

To show you how hard I am going to try wiping the vaporware out of my life, I am publishing the 3rd part of the platform game tutorial. Read parts 1 and 2 if you don’t remember what I am talking about. In this update, I introduced two new tile types: the lava tile that […]

Wipe the vaporware out of your life

Do you know what’s the so-called vaporware? From Wikipedia: Vaporware is a software or hardware product which is announced by a developer well in advance of release, but which then fails to emerge, either with or without a protracted development cycle. Interesting thing… they gave a name to most developers’ habit… starting a project and […]

Make a Flash game like BoxHead – part 1

One of the most popular Flash games is BoxHead by Sean Cooper, that released the 5th game of the series called The Zombie Wars. At the moment I am just giving a small prototype of the “hero” controlled with arrow keys and the “zombie” chasing the hero. One of the interesting things about BoxHead is […]

From zero to Bombuzal – step 4

One of the biggest problems of step 3 was Bombuzal waled sooo slowly. So I added a variable called walk_speed where I assign the walking speed in pixels per frame. Then, in the original game you have to think fast. You can’t stay on the same tile for more than about 5 secods, or the […]

BallPusher: new Flash game prototype

Here it is another fresh Flash game prototype by FrozenHaddock, that jumps from the forum to the blog. FrozenHaddock was playing around with Flash as he says, when he come out with an interesting prototype. Something I was fiddling about with, might work well as a puzzle game of some sort. Some people might find […]

Displaying enemy’s energy bar in Flash games

In almost all “kill the enemy” games you can see a green energy bar turning orange and red as the foe get wounded by our fire. It’s time to show you how can you do this. In this example, I will start from the Flash prototype of a game like Balloon Invasion example but obviously […]