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From zero to Bombuzal – step 3

In the previous step we had the problem of the level panning away if the mouse is outside the movie. The first solution come from souled that created a button in the entire stage to manage the panning

Maybe it’s not the best solution ever, because it may require you to redesign mouse pointer, […]

From zero to Bombuzal – step 2

It’s time to create the field of the first level. Creating the level Merging the ideas of Andre Marianiello and Chris, I was able to create the 2d level in this way:

and this is the result: Aligning the level to the stage “Everything” is working, but I don’t want the level to start […]

From zero to Bombuzal

Normally I use to write tutorials explaining what I’ve done to try to replicate a famous game, but I always start with a “clean” actionscript, without all errors made during its creation This time, I will write a tutorial based about what I do, step by step (errors included) to replicate an old C64 glory. […]

Jail Break: Flash game based on Security tutorials

Jail Break is an interesting game made by Joshua Thong starting from my Create a flash game like Security tutorial. Not only Joshua added new and fresh features like lasers, doors and keys, but he is releasing the source code! Moreover the is an instructions page and an end game one… will you see it? […]

Find a sponsor for your Flash game with Flash Game License

If you developed a Flash game, you had this problem. Once your game is complete, you want to find a sponsor and get some cash for your hard work. Then, you start submitting the game to various Flash game portals… the first one only accepts form submissions, the second one only accepts mail submissions, the […]

Create a Flash game like Metro Siberia Underground – Part 4

Multipart tutorial: available parts 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 In this 4th part I’ll cover the code written in 3rd part. You should read parts 1 and 2 too, because I will comment only the new code. For a better understanding, I’ll re-publish the code

Lines 5-7: New filters used for the rock object […]

A new Flash game prototype

I played some times ago a game similar to the one I am making the prototype… I think it was a PopCap game, or a game by another casual game developer… anyway it’s a game involving a balance and some spheres. Just a quick, raw actionscript

and the result Can you make a good […]

How to use MindJolt’s API (and why you should do it)

Reading the comments in this blog, I saw there is a bit of confusion about MindJolt (MJ from now on) API On the site, there isn’t any guide, and the only way to have some information is by email from Richard Fields. Besides Richard must be a very busy guy with such a game portal, […]