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Earn $50 including The Game Homepage API in your Flash game

Today I received some interesting news from Gaz, the brain behind The Game Homepage. He developed an API for his brand new Compete section and hw is looking for good games to use it. He is offering $50 for every game that will include the API, and he does not mind you leaving any sponsorship […]

Prototype of a Flash game like Floaty Light

Do we really need another “move a ball in some way from A to B avoiding C” game? Noooooooo… but it seems two or three people still like this kind of games, so the new torture branded Game Garage is Floaty Light. Just kidding, of course. I made this prototype using the gravity and speed […]

Prototype of a Flash game like GearTaker

Do you know Tony Pa‘s GearTaker game? You have a buddy jumping around rotating gears. As most Tony Pa’s games, it’s easier to play than to explain, and it’s hard to link… from this page select “GearTaker” and play. I made a Flash prototype using two objects, the cog and the hero

Experiment: monetizing a Flash game – Part 9

Multipart tutorial: available parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 This is a big update of the experiment, because lots of interesting things happened since the last one. Let’s start: Goals and targets Obviously every experiment has its goals. I have two different types of goals: hourly income and games played. The […]

Creation of a matching game with Flash and AS3

This tutorial was inspired by the one written at chapter 3 in ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University, but I changed some mechanics because I did not like some choices made by the author. Anyway, this is not a “mine is better”, just a tutorial that I did not write completely on my own. Do you […]

ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University

If you want to learn some good AS3 game development basics, then you should read ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University. Inside ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University you will find a brief introduction to AS3 and a guide how to create 17 among the most common Flash game types you can find in every game portal. […]

Create an Eskiv Flash game tutorial

Do you know a Flash game called Eskiv? No? Never mind, it’s not the best game around there, but there is a thread called Eskiv Clone? in the forum asking help in making a game like that one. First, play it a minute Then, take this prototype, starting from an old tutorial called Flash game […]

Finding adjacent cells in an hex map – part 2

In the Finding adjacent cells in an hex map post I showed you how to find adjacent cells in horizontal hex maps. Now it’s time to find adjacent cells in vertical hex maps.

Here it is: This is the last uncommented step, during next one we will discuss about the method used to determine […]

Finding adjacent cells in an hex map

This tutorial continues Hex maps creation and rollover. Now I will show you how find adjacent cells. Again, at the moment it’s only code, and it only works for horizontal hex maps

and this is the result: While I am optimizing the code and writing the routines for the vertical hex maps, James Prankard […]