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Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial

If you’re interested in gaming and blogging, YouSayToo lets you earn from your flash games and allows you to make money blogging. In this tutorial we’ll cover the creation of a flash racing game. I got the permission from Remus C. from gameSheep to publish this awesome tutorial. Before we start, I recommend you all […]

Create a flash artillery game – step 1

May 25th update: 2nd part released October 29th update: modification with a bounce effect developed by Massimo M. Here we are with the beginning of a new tutorial. We are going to create a flash artillery game. Something like Worms. Or similar. Well… the first thing we need in an artillery game is… The crosshair […]

Flash game creation tutorial – part 5.3

Let’s go with another step. In this part, we’ll learn how to (almost) complete our first game… a tunnel race game. Read tutorials from 1 to 5.2 if you haven’t done it already and follow me in the game creation. I’ll continue from the code optimization seen in part 5.2, to continue adding features to […]

Flash game creation tutorial – part 1

March 14th update: part 5.3 released. March 3rd update: part 5.2 released. February 9th update: part 5.1 released. December 31st update: 5th part released. December 23rd update: 4th part released. December 6th update: 3rd part released. November 18th update: 2nd part released. This is a quite long tutorial, so I decided to split it in […]