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JavaScript analog clock with no images and no CSS

There are a lot JavaScript analog clocks out there, but most of them use images or CSS3 tricks to make them move. I am showing you an analog clock made without any image and without any style thanks to Raphaël JavaScript Library. Raphaël is a JavaScript library that let you your work with vector graphics […]

Full screen centered background image with CSS and jQuery # 2

There are a couple of improvements to do to Full screen centered background image with CSS and jQuery to add some functionality such as window resizing management and make it compatible with Opera. First, you should change the CSS to

Setting triquibackimg‘s position to relative rather than fixed will make it work in Opera […]

Full screen centered background image with CSS and jQuery

Recently a lot of sites feature a full screen background image. Full screen background images can be used to give some sort of liquid effect to fixed layouts, or just to show full screen images in some special occurrences, such as Christmas or the launch of a new service. This is what you’ll get: demo. […]

JQuery powered lights off effect

A couple of days ago a fan of my Facebook page asked me for a script to make the effect you see on this page. Obviously simply reverse-engineering the script wouldn’t be enough for me, so I decided to create a lights off effect that make any content in a given div remain highlighted while […]

MagOrMin – an old php based game

This is an ooooooold (let’s call it) game I explained for a web programming class in 2003 or 2004. It was made to explain some basics about Php, sessions, MySql and styles. All in one. That’s how students learn… all in one and with a real world example. It’s just a “guess if next number […]

Embedding a wmv file in your web page

Just in case you have to embed a wmv file in your webpage, and there is no need to do it since it’s possibile to play better videos with flash but… just in case you really have to do it… like I have to do it today… here it is the html code

Adjust […]