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jQuery color picker using Farbtastic and jQuery UI

I want to share with you a little snippet of code I am using for a project. I was looking for a cute jQuery color picker and I found Farbtastic to be the best for my needs. Anyway, I also liked how jQuery UI used the Slider to make a simple color picker so I […]

JavaScript analog clock with no images and no CSS

There are a lot JavaScript analog clocks out there, but most of them use images or CSS3 tricks to make them move. I am showing you an analog clock made without any image and without any style thanks to Raphaël JavaScript Library. Raphaël is a JavaScript library that let you your work with vector graphics […]

Deep linking in flash with AS3

Do you remember Krasimir Tsonev? He’s the author of the tween manager class and The Big Adventure. He gave me the permission to publish an interesting post about Flash and search engine optimization. Many people will say that Flash is not SEO friendly. Actually that’s not 100% true. Flash is just a tool that shows […]

Full screen centered background image with CSS and jQuery # 2

There are a couple of improvements to do to Full screen centered background image with CSS and jQuery to add some functionality such as window resizing management and make it compatible with Opera. First, you should change the CSS to

Setting triquibackimg‘s position to relative rather than fixed will make it work in Opera […]

Full screen centered background image with CSS and jQuery

Recently a lot of sites feature a full screen background image. Full screen background images can be used to give some sort of liquid effect to fixed layouts, or just to show full screen images in some special occurrences, such as Christmas or the launch of a new service. This is what you’ll get: demo. […]

HTML5 game creation prototype

Do you remember my first Flash game tutorial? I think it’s time to make something similar with HTML5. At the moment, I am showing just a quick prototype because I want to show you it’s possible to achieve smooth movements with this technique, but I am going to start a tutorial series about it. I […]

Creation of a Sokoban game with jQuery

When I said there are games you must be able to make in less than a day, obviously I meant in any language. This is the jQuery version of the Sokoban game I made in less than 2Kb. Or, more precisely, it’s the javascript version, powered by jQuery. You should know the rules… click in […]

Creation of a minimalist image gallery in 18 jQuery lines

The web is full of jQuery galleries, but I think none of them is really minimalist to give people the opportunity to custom and improve it according to their needs, and none of them is fully explained, line by line, style by style, to help jQuery newcomers. So I decided to create the Triqui Gallery, […]