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Showcase of three Flash game portals for Android mobile

Android powered mobiles may be a pain for iPhone thanks to full Flash support. Since Flash (also) means games, obviously the biggest portals are releasing a mobile version, specifically developed for Android mobiles. I surfed a lot on the web and I only found three portals that really caught my attention… I also noticed that […]

17 jQuery powered web games with source code

While Flash remains the best software to develop casual web games, jQuery allows you to make interesting things… nothing to do with pure action Flash games, but in some cases you can get interesting results out of your browser. Here it is a list with 17 jQuery powered games, most of them with clean and […]

11 Flash isometric engines you can use in your games

I am playing isometric games for more than 20 years… probably started with Q*bert, one of the oldest games I played is Head Over Heels on my Commodore 64, and I was an hardcore player of UFO: Enemy Unknown. As you should know, isometric projection is a method of visually representing three-dimensional objects in two […]

Triqui’s Picks #16

Three really funny and amazing games this week: Go to Hell!: Dig through 666 meters to reach hell and find out its secret. You have to dig all the way down through caves filled with water, lava, boulders and enemies. You’ll need to eat, breathe and avoid or kill monster to survive. What I liked: […]

Triqui’s Picks #15

Only two games this week, and a lot of garbage jigsaw puzzles… Hill Of Defend: Fresh defense game, with a different view. This time you’ll defend your base from a side view. What I liked: Normally I hate classic defense games, but this one has a new and original approach. Programming difficulty: Very complete game. […]

Triqui’s Picks #14

We’re starting the new year with just three games: Running Blue: Interesting platform game with 12 levels of pure action… run, jump, throw bombs… What I liked: It’s a good platform, and I don’t see Mario… Programming difficulty: Platforms aren’t easy. 4/5 Frutopia: Eat all fruits during all 20 levels What I liked: It’s a […]

Triqui’s Picks #13

Only two games this week, but really really amazing. Jones Platformer: Don’t make the poor graphic fool you, this is an incredible platform game. The animation of the main character is awesome… you can make an incredible set of actions in a really smooth way. What I liked: Awesome and hard. Programming difficulty: Wow. 5/5 […]

Triqui’s Picks #12

We’re starting the new year with just three games: Ricochet Kills: PP: Shoot a projectile and use ricochets to kill all enemies. What I liked: Original concept Programming difficulty: Box2D without gravity. Or just simple math. 1/5 Where is 2010?: Arcade adventure, help the little man find the New Year toddler. What I liked: Nice […]

Triqui’s Picks #11

Six new games this last 2009 week: Back2Back: Control a troop trapped in an hostile planet and try to escape. I am sure I played something similar when I had an Amiga. And enjoyed it a lot What I liked: It could be a budget PC game. Programming difficulty: The basics are very easy, but […]