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Ten Million Plays Club membership

This is a great milestone for a game developer, in my opinion. My second Flash game, Christmas Couples, a game released almost a year ago, reached 10,000,000 views! Besides the income, I am happy one of my games got such a large number of views. Do you have a game in this club?

When you realize you stole someone else’s work

Interesting thing, the web… at a first glance you can find a lot of free resources, but sometimes when you look more in depth things may differ. It happened with my last game, Halloween Couples. When I finished coding the game, initially with coloured circles, I googled for “halloween icons” or something similar. When I […]

Halloween Couples

The first game of the second part of the experiment is Halloween Couples. It’s basically the sequel of Summer Couples with a different theme and an hexagonal environment. The basics of hexagonal environments are explained in Understanding hexagonal tiles, Finding adjacent cells in an hex map – part 1 and 2. Simply match as many […]

The experiment – one year later

On october 28th, 2007, exactly one year ago, I started an experiment about monetizing a Flash game and released a one-day game called Circle Chain. Since that day, I published a total of 10 games. If you want to know more about the games, read the posts about Circle Chain, Christmas Couples, TileBall, GuessNext, Glomb, […]

Put a banner with your MochiAds stats in your blog

Let’s imagine you made an awesome game and monetize it with MochiAds, and want to show your readers/the world how much your game rocks, now you have an interesting option. Thanks to Rhu from Blargh now you can have a banner showing your game stats. I am talking about something like this You can find […] WordPress arcade now in beta

If you followed the Creation of a Flash arcade site using WordPress series you know I am about to release a WP Arcade theme with automatic game submission thanks to a plugin that parses MochiAds feed. It’s time to open the beta to the public and make the site run. It’s time to play, rate […]

Distribute your Flash games worldwide with FlashGameDistribution

If you’re not a professional in marketing, one that loves to promote and sell games, pins, socks… whatever… Flash game marketing can be an hassle, or even a nightmare. Unfortunately, if your game does not hit the frontpage of one of most popular portals spreading virally, you’ll have to manually submit your work to at […]

The free sound dilemma

Here I am to introduce you an interesting question made by Pierre Urban. I think we all asked this question to ourselves, and did not answer for our convenience… Here it is: «I’m a french developer currently coding a game. Your blog helped me a lot with some really specific stuff about AS! Also about […]

How (and why) to include AdSense for Search in your WP blog

If you look at the sidebar of my blog you will see AdSense for Search replaced the standard WP search. First, I am going to explain why to do it, then how to do it in the most professional way Why? There are five reasons why you should use AdSense for Search Display results in […]

Milestone: 500,000 plays on

I am very happy to inform you about another milestone: half a million plays. Half a million is nothing compared to big names plays, but it’s quite good for an auto-feed portal written in a day. It took 56 days to reach the first 250,000 plays and “only” 53 for these ones. The overall […]