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The fastest way to find the distance between two points

While I was reading Claytus Hood Tower Defense case study I was impressed by this: To estimate the distances and so check the range, I use Manhattan distance formula, less accurate but faster than Euclidian distance Named after the grid layout of most Manhattan streets, it’s a form of geometry in which the usual metric […]

6 games you must be able to make in less than a day

Do you think you are a game developer? Do you want to start to make games in any language but you want to test yourself? This is a list of six games you must be able to make in any language in less than a day. Every game is a classic you can see on […]


Every travel can be the best travel ever if you choose the right travelmates. In this photo, my travelmates Let’s see them: 1) An iPhone, with some interesting apps to kill some time during a 11 hours flight 2) Sony Bloggie camera. High definition MP4 video, 5-megapixel still photos, USB arm, 270-degree swivel lens. Apart […]

Saving and storing your work

No matter if you are a Flash game developer, a web designer, a video editor, a programmer or whatever… the more your work on your computer, the more files you will generate. After a while, your hard disk will become a nasty place full of shattered project if you don’t follow some simple rules. That’s […]

Being a geek in Venezuela

Yesterday I bought a MacBook on the Apple Store using some of the income generated by this blog. Do you know why I could do this? Because I am a geek, and because I live in Italy. If I lived in Venezuela, things could have been quite different. This is the story of John Freddy […]

11 questions to ask to yourself once you complete a project

Let’s say you just finished a project… no matter whether a website or a Flash game… but you finished it right now. Let’s suppose your client gave you a deadline, or you just wanted to finish it today because tomorrow you’ll be busy on another project, or you’ll have some holidays. In most cases, you […]

Keep your WordPress Blog (or any site) clean with new Google Webmaster Tools

Yesterday I blogged about 10 ways to secure your WordPress blog Today I found a new, important tool to keep your blog (or site) clean: Google Webmaster Tools and its new services “Fetch as Googlebot” and “Malware details”. Once you enter into Webmaster Tools you will find on the left Dashboard sidebar a Labs item […]

The return of “Under Construction” – evolution of a malpractice

In the late 90’s most personal and some commercial websites used to place a big, animated, irritating image like this one: This picture, placed in a webpage browsed at a 800×600 resolution (the most popular one during those years), fills half of the visible area. This means the page was shouting “hey, I am incomplete, […]