Old experiment: pan through an image with actionscript

This is an experiment made in 2004 translated into a newer version of actionscript. It’s very simple and needs a lot of improvements and I think you could transform this file into something usable. The actionscript, all in the first frame, is very simple: the two objects are the_arrow representing the mouse pointer and map […]

Using Photoshop to draw levels for Flash games

This is an example when things go not so good. I was trying to draw a level for a Flash game like Tunnelball using Photoshop, and then import it into Flash. Since it’s just an experiment, I did not draw any map but I simply downloaded one at Speccy Screenshot Maps to use it as […]

A strange way to move the player with Flash

When I look for some inspiration I browse some sites where talented designers post. One of them is Newgrounds, almost all famous games are listed in it. I found a pretty good game called Pacco with a strange way to move the player. I have to be honest, I did not like the game itself […]

Red Planet: a game created using my tutorials

Time to introduce Red Planet, a game created by Peter Hurford using mu tutorials. That’s what Peter said: “Hi! Thanks for your tutorials. Because of your help, I was able to make a game called Red Planet. It’s primarially based on the Flash Game Creation series of tutorials, but also was helped with the Artillery […]

Happy Birthday!! I want a cake!

The time has come! Today of a year ago I installed the wordpress to start this blog! What happened during this year? Well… 77 posts with 1,093 comments, almost 180,000 unique users with more than half a million page views!! And again… a Google PR7 and an Alexa 158,059. I plan to continue the success […]

Create a flash artillery game – step 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of this tutorial. I recommend you to read the 1st part if you haven’t done it yet and we are ready to start. Fixing bullets amount In the last example, when you shot a bullet, it “lives” forever. I mean, once the bullet movieclip is on the stage, there isn’t […]

How to load levels in a Flash tile based game

This tutorial, that comes in one single part, will cover the topic about loading levels in a Flash tile based game. Let’s start explaining what is a tile based video game. From Wikipedia: A tile-based video game is a type of video or computer game where the playing area consists of small rectangular, square, or […]

Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial

If you’re interested in gaming and blogging, YouSayToo lets you earn from your flash games and allows you to make money blogging. In this tutorial we’ll cover the creation of a flash racing game. I got the permission from Remus C. from gameSheep to publish this awesome tutorial. Before we start, I recommend you all […]

XML driven Flash slideshow improved

It’s amazing how resources and scripts get improved from user to user. Christoph B. sent me a improved version of the XML driven Flash slideshow based on a script by Sephiroth I improved. Does it sound messy? Let’s understand what happened: 1) Sephiroth published the gallery 2) I improved Sephy’s gallery 3) Christoph improved my […]

Bubble Chaos: a complete flash game in only 131 lines

Last minute edit: I open this quick note just to say I am pleased that Bubble Chaos, with its only 131 lines of coding, got a “Decent Score” in NewGrounds portal Time to introduce Bubble Chaos, a complete flash game in only 131 lines of actionscript… brackets included of course! Let’s examine the features of […]