Create a flash game like Security – part 3

Time to do what you asked for a while: the 3rd part of the Security Flash game creation, covering the exit and some more features. First of all you should read parts 1 and 2, then follow me and learn to create some interesting things. Exits Most of you asked for exits, and here they […]

Creation of a Ragdoll with Flash part 1: Verlet integration

Some of you in this On the horizon post requested a Ragdoll tutorial, so I started reading and experimenting until I got something good. But it’s not easy nor intuitive. If you want to follow me in this jouney, open flash and prepare an huge amount of aspirin, you’re going to feel a real headache. […]

Creation of a game like String Avoider tutorial

A really interesting “avoidance game” that was made in those days is String Avoider. The author of this “More than 1 million views” game in Newgrounds explains it in 12 words: “Avoid colliding with walls and guide your string through each unique level”. And that’s it. The aim of the game is guiding your string […]

Creation of a platform game with Flash – step 1

November 3rd update: part 2 released. Back from my holidays, here I come with a brand new tutorial serial. This time I will talk about platform games. “Platform game, or platformer, is a video game genre characterized by jumping to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles. It must be possible to control these jumps […]

Hooray hooray Holi holiday

Going to Holiday, small trip to Minorca. Got my laptop with me, time to prepare massive tutorials under the sun. See you next sunday. Emanuele

On the horizon #1

I start today a new category called “On the horizon”. Since I ofter receive emails and comments asking when a tutorial will be released, I dediced to write every 10-15 days what’s coming soon on It works this way: here it is a list of tutorials and projects I am actually working on. You […]

I HAD to do it…

This is the comment I received from amorphis some days ago about the creation of a flash ball game with visual from above. «Could you just pleaseeeeeee upload some of the new types of tiles you have coded in order to see how do you place them among the normal ones and how do you […]

Icy Bubble II released!

I am pleased to introduce you Icy Bubble II, a game made by Abhilash. It’s the sequel of Icy Bubble, and it has some new interesting features. Abhilash said: “hi! after more than two months my second game is ready ‘Icy Bubble II’. Its graphics are better than the previous one.I hope people will enjoy […]

Managing multiple collision detection with Flash

In all tutorials covered until now, we have always seen how to determine collisions between a single object and the rest of the objects in the stage, or part of them. No matter if it was performed using hit test or trigonometry, the point is that in every moment of the game we knew all […]