Create a flash movie like Linkin Park one

When I was looking at Linkin Park homepage, I was impressed by the intro. It’s very simple but very nice. To do something similar, we need four elements: 1) A b/w photo with an high contrast 2) PhotoShop 3) Flash 4) An awesome music track Finding the photo It’s quite easy to find (or shot) […]

Create a flash draw game like Line Rider or others – part 5

Finally this tut has its 5th part. You should read steps 1 to 4 before continuing with this one, although this time it’s not so important, because before to approach the “running car” I am going to explain the “walking man” on a line. The same kind of gamestyle you can find in draw play […]

BoulderFlash – a Boulderdash flash tribute

When I was much younger I had a Commodore 128. I enjoyed a lot of games, but one of them was really good in my opinion. I am talking about Boulderdash. The hero of the game, whom the player controls, is the brave prospector “Rockford”. He must dig through caves collecting gems and diamonds, while […]

Tunnelball: design a level for this flash game

I want you all to play TUNNELBALL, a complete flash game I developed using most of the topics covered in tutorials 1 to 5.3 Moreover, I am releasing the full source code and I invite you all to contribute to the sequel of this game by designing one or more leves for the sequel I […]

Flash game creation tutorial – part 5.3

Let’s go with another step. In this part, we’ll learn how to (almost) complete our first game… a tunnel race game. Read tutorials from 1 to 5.2 if you haven’t done it already and follow me in the game creation. I’ll continue from the code optimization seen in part 5.2, to continue adding features to […]

Create a flash draw game like Line Rider or others – part 4

March 31st update: part 5 released Here we go with the 4th part. Read steps 1, 2 and 3 and you’re ready to go. In the last example in step 3 we had our bouncing ball but some of you noticed that sometimes the ball appears to be “stuck” in the ground, making some fake […]

Flash game creation tutorial – part 5.2

March 14th update: part 5.3 released. Now we will discuss about code optimization (the boring – but very important – part) and some visual tricks to make the game look better, and some more issues. Code optimization In tutorials 1 to 5.1, I always include the ball actionscript in the ball object. This is correct, […]

Gravity: a flash game by Jon Dutko using my tutorials

I am very glad to introduce you Gravity: a flash game by Jon Dutko developed starting from my tutorials. The game is still in beta so Jon needs feedback. It’s interesting how Jon designed some levels: growing balls, chasing pentagons, lightnings, mazes… can you beat all 30 levels? (I did it…) Here it is the […]

Flash simple timer/countdown

Sometimes you need a timer or a countdown… for a page, in a game or whatsoever. So I am going to show you how to create a timer or a countdown. Or both. And, in next tutorials, how to use it in the games we are creating, of course… Look at this movie: On the […]