Managing multiple collision detection with Flash

In all tutorials covered until now, we have always seen how to determine collisions between a single object and the rest of the objects in the stage, or part of them. No matter if it was performed using hit test or trigonometry, the point is that in every moment of the game we knew all […]

Create a Flash ball game with visual from above tutorial

August 3rd update: 2nd part released December 13th update: 3rd part released January 16th update: 4th part released This tutorial does not cover anything new (well, this first part of this tutorial) but shows you how to create a Flash ball game with a visual from above and some decent graphics. Being a ball game, […]

Gravity released!

Good news! Gravity is finished and released. Jon Dutko sent me an email writing: “It’s been a long time, man. But after months of procrastination, -Gravity- is done. I’ve submitted it to Newgrounds. At time of writing, it isn’t getting the best scores in the portal, but that’s all right. It’s an innovative bit of […]

Creation of realistic spheres in Flash with textures and masking

I was preparing a new tutorial involving a visual from above, with a ball rolling on a tile map, and that’s what I coded first, applied to an object linkaged as “ball” in the first frame:

This code is already explained in this tutorial, and it’s almost the same except it has no gravity […]

Photoshop action to create an outer space scene

The net is full of tutorials about creating an outer space image, but every one of them, in order to achieve good results, require the user (you) to manually draw stars or adjust some parameters. The real challenge is to code an action that creates an outer space without any drawing by the user. The […]

Time to write an e-book?

Last minute update: the e-book would be free. Read the comments to understand why Today I received an email from Frederick J. asking a very interesting question. Here it is the email: Hi emanuele. I really like all your work and all your tutorials. But i don’t have time to make them all, right away, […]

Old experiment: pan through an image with actionscript

This is an experiment made in 2004 translated into a newer version of actionscript. It’s very simple and needs a lot of improvements and I think you could transform this file into something usable. The actionscript, all in the first frame, is very simple: the two objects are the_arrow representing the mouse pointer and map […]

Using Photoshop to draw levels for Flash games

This is an example when things go not so good. I was trying to draw a level for a Flash game like Tunnelball using Photoshop, and then import it into Flash. Since it’s just an experiment, I did not draw any map but I simply downloaded one at Speccy Screenshot Maps to use it as […]

A strange way to move the player with Flash

When I look for some inspiration I browse some sites where talented designers post. One of them is Newgrounds, almost all famous games are listed in it. I found a pretty good game called Pacco with a strange way to move the player. I have to be honest, I did not like the game itself […]