Create a flash game like Security – part 2

July 27th update: part 3 released This is the second part of the creation of a flash game like Security. In the first part we saw how to create the maze, the player and the “cop”. Now, we’ll see how to create a “smart” cop. I did not like how the orginal game managed the […]

OMG Google screwed! PR7!

I think Google must be bugged. Today I opened the browser and the toolbar marked this site as PR7. I started complaining about spywares, viruses, trojans, spartans and so on, because I was sure some worm infected my pc. McAfee reported no virus… so I started browsing some sites offering free PageRank calculators.

Create a flash artillery game – step 1

May 25th update: 2nd part released October 29th update: modification with a bounce effect developed by Massimo M. Here we are with the beginning of a new tutorial. We are going to create a flash artillery game. Something like Worms. Or similar. Well… the first thing we need in an artillery game is… The crosshair […]

Do my tutorials suck?

Today Derrick Niehaus, a blog reader, sent me this comment in Line Rider creation game tutorial 4: “AHAHAHAHH someone stole your tutorial completely and made it into a game.. here thats so funny! they didnt even change the line color.. or get rid of the bouce counter.. or the circle where the ball had been” […]

My Flash Boulderdash tribute is growing…

I am quite happy my Flash Boulderdash tribute is growing well. As far as today I coded those items: 1) The player 2) The dirt 3) The rock 4) The diamond 5) The undestroyable wall 6) The destroyable wall 7) A enemy that does not release diamonds if killed 8) A enemy that releases diamonds […]

Create a flash draw game like Line Rider or others – A different approach – Part 2

June 15th update: part 3 released I am glad to publish a very interesting upgrade to Create a flash draw game like Line Rider or others – A different approach by Kevin Ward. Kevin strikes back with three very interesting prototypes I am currently studying in order to optimize his ideas. I suggest you all […]

Create a flash game like Security – part 1

April 29th update: part 2 released July 27th update: part 3 released Some days ago a reader told me about Security 2 game. It’s a simple game: navigate through a level by using the arrow keys avoiding security traps and guards. I found the game so easy do develop but so interesting about artificial intelligence […]

Create a flash movie like Linkin Park one

When I was looking at Linkin Park homepage, I was impressed by the intro. It’s very simple but very nice. To do something similar, we need four elements: 1) A b/w photo with an high contrast 2) PhotoShop 3) Flash 4) An awesome music track Finding the photo It’s quite easy to find (or shot) […]