Click image and get coordinates with Javascript

I had to display several photos where the user can click over an interesting point and have its coordinates passed through a form. Of course, it was a bit more complicated, but this is the code i want to share with you. Let’s assume we have a photo like this: Try to click on a […]

Extreme sepia effect Photoshop action

I have to warn you, this effect is not for everybody. The sepia is so extreme that you may prefer not to use it. Before After If you want to use it, just download the action. Feedback and examples are welcome.

Perfect maze generation with Flash actionscript

In a perfect maze, there is one and only one path from any point in the maze to any other point. That is, there are no inaccessible sections, no circular paths, and no open regions. Viewing a maze as a two-dimensional matrix of square cells, a perfect maze is one in which any two cells […]

Customizable flash gallery

This is a project resumed from an old template I can’t even remember where I found it. A flash gallery with some customizable effect, such as: – Thumbnail size and position – Final image size and position – Speed – Friction (the “bounce” effect) – Alpha fading There is room for much improvement such as […]

Step by step perfect maze generation with php

This is a project I made for teaching purpose. First of all, let’s see what is a perfect maze. From Maze Works: A perfect maze is defined as a maze which has one and only one path from any point in the maze to any other point. This means that the maze has no inaccessible […]

Cyanotype effect Photoshop Action

From Wikipedia: Cyanotype is an old monochrome photographic printing process which gives a cyan-blue print. The English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel discovered this procedure in 1842. Though Sir John Herschel is perhaps the inventor of the cyanotype process, it was Anna Atkins, a British scientist, who brought the process into the realm of […]

Designer vs Developer Contest at MDM

To celebrate its Fourth Birthday, MDM on 24th July 2006 launched a unique contest for both Flash Designer and Developer community. MDM are offering the winners of each contest brief a Flash Goodie Bag worth over $1000, including Swift 3D, SWF Encrypt, MDM Zinc, Squeeze for Flash and Components from Flash Loaded, and the chance […]

Managing crossbrowser opacity with CSS

Sometimes you may want to change the opacity of some images with CSS. There are different ways to do it, according to the browser you are using. In this example, we’ll see both Explorer and Firefox. Firefox In Firefox, the style is -moz opacity: xx where xx is a number from 0 to 1, where […]

Embedding a wmv file in your web page

Just in case you have to embed a wmv file in your webpage, and there is no need to do it since it’s possibile to play better videos with flash but… just in case you really have to do it… like I have to do it today… here it is the html code

Adjust […]

Php password generator

Today I had to generate some passwords, and I am not so creative in doing this. So I coded a function I want to share with you.

How does it work? Let’ see the parameters lenght: is the password length (default = 8) use_upper: set to 0 if you do not want to use […]