How to crop a Flash Movie

Sometimes we may need for some reason to “crop” a Flash Movie, but unlike Photoshop, there is not “crop” command. How can we do? Using the ‘size’ button, set a new height and width for the flash movie based on your flash design. At this point probably some of your movie images will be off […]

Know which POST (or GET) method variables are available with php

Very easy script for a very important need: handle all variables coming with POST or GET methods. With this script you can manage all data coming for every kind of form.

This script prints all passed variables with their values. There is nothing more to say, just remember that changing $_POST with $_GET you […]

Determine connection speed with php

One of the hardest script you can find in internet is the one that determines connection speed of a surfer visiting our site. From today it’s not anymore a problem (even if nobody had nightmares before…) because we will make a php script in order to fill such lack. Let’s start coding…

WordPress in two (or more) languages

Browsing the internet, I noticed the necessity to have a blog in two or more languages. It’s a necessity I’m having too, so the first thing I did was a search into the official WordPress plugin repository, convinced that the solution to my problem was a few clicks away. I was much, much wrong. Anyway […]