Php password generator

Today I had to generate some passwords, and I am not so creative in doing this. So I coded a function I want to share with you.

How does it work? Let’ see the parameters lenght: is the password length (default = 8) use_upper: set to 0 if you do not want to use […]

Nova effect action with Photoshop

Here it is an action I used to get something like a nova explosion. You will never get same results twice. Download the action and enjoy. It creates a new document. Give me feeback if you like it (well, even if you dislike it… but you won’t be published)

Photo to impressionist painting action with Photoshop

From Wikipedia: Impressionism was a 19th century art movement that began as a loose association of Paris-based artists who began publicly exhibiting their art in the 1860s. The name of the movement is derived from Claude Monet’s Impression, Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant). Critic Louis Leroy inadvertently coined the term in a satiric review published in […]

Mouse wheel handler in Javascript

I found this very very interesting script by Adomas Paltanavičius to determine if you are using mousewheel. It returns a delta value, +1 or -1, according to scroll direction. Scroll mouse wheel to see delta here. I am publishing it here, and very soon I will start to use it to code games, form handlers, […]

Vignette effect action for Photoshop

Again, I am focusing about vignette/sketch creation wiht photoshop. This action works well only on images with high contrast, and the final effect is quite good, in my opinion. Before After Before After Download the action and enjoy… leave me feedback and send me your artworks to be published on the site.

Strip non alphanumeric characters from a string with php

Very simple and useful code, but hard to find in the internet. You may need it when you code an user authentication script and want to prevent the user to hack it with ascii injection. I will use regular expressions because it is the quickest way, and we want to be quick (almost) everytime…


Enhanced country selection with Css and Javascript

How many times you had to choose your country in a form, with a old, simple popup? Time to change the way you choose your country (or anything else) with a bit of Css and Javascript. I am showing the example in a iframe not to mess with WordPress styles. As you can see, when […]

Enhanced sepia image effect action for Photoshop

I think normal “sepia” effect is too used in Photoshop, so I tried to enhance the effect and I produced an action that works quite well (in my opinion). Just run on a photo, as usual. Before After Download the action and give me feeback, with some photo you retouched too.

Submit button “inspired” to Macromedia Buttons

I like very much Macromedia buttons, and I wanted to have it one like these in my forms. That’s all… here it is the style is


Photoshop photo to pastel sketch action

Converting a photo into a pencil or pastel sketch is one of the most challenging task to automate with Photoshop. Here it is an attempt. Run the action on a photo and let me know what do you think about it. Please give me feedback and send to my email any good result you achieve […]