Photoshop Lomography Photo Action

I am always looking for nice effects to give to my photos. The “Lomo” effect is one of them. From Wikipedia: Lomography is a commercial trademark of Lomographische AG, Austria for products and services related to photography. The name is licensed from a former state-run optics company LOMO PLC in St. Petersburg, Russia. The 35 […]

Photoshop photo to painting effect

A quite simple Photohsop action to give a painting effect to a photo with Photoshop. Before After Download the action. If you use this action and are satisfied of the result, please tell me where to find your before/after photos to add them to my example page.

WordPress PHP Exec Plugin

When you need to execute php code inside a WP post you are in trouble. So was I, when I tried to do it. But I found a plugin that saved my life, and my blog. This plugin lets you execute dynamic PHP code in posts. It masks PHP code before balanceTags, and unmask them […]

Simple php calendar with any day offset

I am coding a quite huge calendar script for various works I have in progress. The barebones of this calendar I have coded today represent a php function that returns a calendar into an html table of any month of any year (according to php limits) with any day offset. This means your calendar could […]

Finally a nice WP theme!!

I was about to give up, but finally I found a WP theme that fits my needs!!! And it’s easy to modify too! I am talking about blog.txt, an elastic, two-column layout for WordPress 2.0+. It’s styled, but light with less than 300 lines of CSS. With its (somewhat) unique theme options, you can easily […]

Check cookies with php

Today, an interesting script to check cookies with php. I had to used it because a bad configuration on the server turned off cookie settings, and I have on my server various shopping cart using cookies. You may get different results according to your register_globals settings. Remember to reload the script to have the correct […] – a big font collection is a wonderful site if you are looking for free fonts. At the time I am writing, there are more than 6,000 fonts and the list is growing every day. Fonts are archived by look, serif, category and so on. Very interesting the preview system where you can type a phrase and see […]

Javascript chronometer/stopwatch

I needed a javascript chronometer/stopwatch to be inserted in a project, and I didn’t find anything on the web that fit my idea, so I created one almost from scratch, with all functions a chronometer should have, such as milliseconds measurement, start, stop, lap time and so on (well… that’s all). Time: Lap: Let’s see […]

How to crop a Flash Movie

Sometimes we may need for some reason to “crop” a Flash Movie, but unlike Photoshop, there is not “crop” command. How can we do? Using the ‘size’ button, set a new height and width for the flash movie based on your flash design. At this point probably some of your movie images will be off […]