Game series: Bombuzal

From zero to Bombuzal – step 5

This 5th step is kinldy produced by Frederik J, who decided to upgrade the game with some new features Recently I was looking in some old posts on your site, and saw the bombuzal step 4. It hasn’t been finished, and because I think it wasn’t a hard task i took it! Here it is, […]

From zero to Bombuzal – step 4

One of the biggest problems of step 3 was Bombuzal waled sooo slowly. So I added a variable called walk_speed where I assign the walking speed in pixels per frame. Then, in the original game you have to think fast. You can’t stay on the same tile for more than about 5 secods, or the […]

From zero to Bombuzal – step 3

In the previous step we had the problem of the level panning away if the mouse is outside the movie. The first solution come from souled that created a button in the entire stage to manage the panning

Maybe it’s not the best solution ever, because it may require you to redesign mouse pointer, […]

From zero to Bombuzal – step 2

It’s time to create the field of the first level. Creating the level Merging the ideas of Andre Marianiello and Chris, I was able to create the 2d level in this way:

and this is the result: Aligning the level to the stage “Everything” is working, but I don’t want the level to start […]

From zero to Bombuzal

Normally I use to write tutorials explaining what I’ve done to try to replicate a famous game, but I always start with a “clean” actionscript, without all errors made during its creation This time, I will write a tutorial based about what I do, step by step (errors included) to replicate an old C64 glory. […]