Game series: Lumines

Make a game like Lumines with Flash – part 3

Now it’s time to make bricks disappear if they group in a 2×2 square. Read part 1 and 2 if you did not already. It’s not difficult to check if bricks form a 2×2 square… and it’s not difficult to remove them from the stage. The tricky part is making bricks fill the empty spaces […]

Make a game like Lumines with Flash – part 2

In the first part we managed to move and rotate a 2×2 square made (obviously) by 4 bricks. Now we’ll see how to make them fall when we press SPACE key. Notice that you move and rotate blocks by tapping arrow keys, but you make them fall by pressing SPACE. This because timing is essential, […]

Make a game like Lumines with Flash

I have to admit it… I got completely addicted to this game… so I decided to make my own Flash version. If you don’t know what is Lumines, it’s a casual game you can download from Steam. The game is simple: control squares made by 2×2 bricks of different colors falling from the top like […]