Game series: Ononmin

Ononmin Flash prototype – step 3

In this 3rd part we’ll manage stage edges and balls collisions. You’re invited to read steps 1 and 2 if you didn’t already. The main function does not change.

field_mc now decides the color of the balls in the stage (like in the original game, they must change color at every level) and places […]

Ononmin Flash prototype – step 2

I added some features to the Ononmin Flash prototype I showed you some days ago. Now the mushroom moves along the x axis in a field with a customizable number of bad circles and can fire a bullet. At the moment the bullet keeps on flying until it reaches stage’s edges, then it’s removed and […]

Ononmin Flash prototype

I want you to play a bit Ononmin. It’s a simple and addictive game that does not require any physics or 3D library to work. So it’s the best candidate to be prototyped. In this first part we’ll create the “mushroom” you control. In the original game, you can’t move the mushroom, allowing the player […]