Game series: Platform game

Platform engine using Box2D – Step 3

In this third part of the platform engine, it’s time to make our hero jump. First, I suggest you to read parts 1 and 2 if you already didn’t, then you should know something about the magic of compound objects and how Box2D manages collisions. Then, you’re ready to follow the tutorial :) The hero […]

Platform engine using Box2D – Step 2

After publishing Platform engine using Box2D, my attempt to replicate the Rick Triqui‘s main character continues. Now you can move the guy with left and right arrows, aim the bazooka with the mouse and shoot a bullet clicking on the mouse. The bazooka isn’t a Box2D object because I didn’t need to include it into […]

Platform engine using Box2D

Platform engines always represented a challenge for me, you can see my prototypes with AS2 and AS3, and this time I am going to make one using Box2D. Box2D is used as physics engine by PlayCrafter guys, and since the results you can see in Rick Triqui game are really interesting, I’ll start coding my […]

Platform game basics using Box2D

I wrote about Box2D Flash version about a year ago, then I published Playing with Box2DFlashAS3 and Create a Flash game like Totem Destroyer as examples covering what you can do with this library. But I was really impressed by a thread on TriquiTips submitted by Hawdon called Box2DAs3 For Beginners! (read steps 1 and […]