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New tile based platform engine – AS3 version updated to step 10 PLUS scrolling

If you are looking for AS3 version of step 10, here it is… made by Robin vd Vleuten from the Netherlands with scrolling included! Hello Emanuele, I made it with flex so I use a swc to access the tiles. All the code is now in one actionscript-file, but I’m trying to convert the code […]

New tile based platform engine – part 10 – optimization, doors n’ keys

Here we are with some optimization, as well as a feature some people requested: doors and keys. Let’s start with the first optimization step. Optimization See how does the script at step 9 determine if a tile is walkable (player can pass through it): if ((top_right != 0 and top_right != 5 and top_right != […]

New tile based platform engine – more theory

This post continues New tile based platform engine – theory behind the player and answers some questions made in these days. In this part I’ll explain how to determine collisions between the player and the walls. Once I know player position (easy to know thanks to _x and _y for AS2 or x and y […]

New tile based platform engine – AS3 version

First, I would like to say the engine is not finished as I have a lot of tile types to add. This is the AS3 version of part 6. I am fixing some glitches and preparing another post about the theory of platform games This is the code

The result is the same, so […]