Game series: Racing

Create a Flash racing game tutorial – Artificial intelligence

Finally it’s time to start talking about a real Artificial Intelligence algorithm. As said, I won’t use waypoints because I want to focus on “real” artificial intelligence, I want to make cars drive like if they were controlled by a player. The idea Let’s imagine you are driving a car, you aren’t blind so you […]

Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial – Artificial stupidity

I promised I’d introduced artificial intelligence in a racing game, and I am starting with artificial stupidity. Anyway, I managed the car to somehow run around the track. I said “stupidity” but I should have said “blindness”, because the CPU driver is actually blind. How would you react if you were blind and crazy enough […]

Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial – AS3 version

The porting of the most popular AS2 tutorials continues with a basic AS3 version of the Flash racing game script. I said “basic” because it does not have all features, this time it covers only movement and collision detection because I want to add more features before polishing it. In the detail, I am developing […]

Flash racing car engine

I found an interesting Flash racing car engine aged 2004 (!) coded in AS 1 (!!) on Mark Fennell’s site. I asked the permission to write his tutorial (well, not quite a tutorial, but an “how did I manage to code it”) on my blog, but I never got a reply. Looking at his homepage, […]

Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial

If you’re interested in gaming and blogging, YouSayToo lets you earn from your flash games and allows you to make money blogging. In this tutorial we’ll cover the creation of a flash racing game. I got the permission from Remus C. from gameSheep to publish this awesome tutorial. Before we start, I recommend you all […]