Game series: Sokoban

Flash 3D Sokoban Prototype with Alternativa3D – final version

Flare3D and Away3D versions of the Sokoban prototype have been published. What’s now? Directly from InspiritGames we have an Alternativa3D port of the prototype. It’s a great porting, although it looks a bit “flat” because Alternativa3D does not support light. In the same blog you can find the Alternativa3D first prototype and even a version […]

Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Flare3D – Textures

The Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Flare3D is growing, and this time I applied some textures to game elements. The following script, which will be explained after I’ll made the same thing with Away3D, show three interesting Flare3D features: * Applying textures on a Cube. * Applying textures only on some faces of a Cube. […]

Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Away3D

As promised, after the Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Flare3D, here comes the Away3D version. The code needs to be optimized and above all I want to make Away3D and Flare3D codes as similar as possible so I will be able to compare them and show you the differences. This is the Away3D source code:

Flash 3D Sokoban prototype with Flare3D

You know I love Sokoban game. This is a prototype of a Flash 3D Sokoban made with Flare3D. Flare3D is a real time 3D engine for Flash and Flex optimized for games and animations. My plan is to create this simple prototype with various Flash 3D engines, then compare them with ease of use, performances […]

Creation of a Sokoban game with jQuery

When I said there are games you must be able to make in less than a day, obviously I meant in any language. This is the jQuery version of the Sokoban game I made in less than 2Kb. Or, more precisely, it’s the javascript version, powered by jQuery. You should know the rules… click in […]

A “very old” Flash Sokoban prototype

This is a Sokoban prototype I made in 2005 after reading some tutorials on It does not look that awesome and I am afraid the code sucks a bit, but I think it could be a good start for a project. I plan to work on a Flash version of Sokoban someday, meanwhile you […]