Triqui MochiAds Arcade plugin for WordPress official page

Welcome to Triqui MochiAds Arcade plugin for WordPress official page

This is the one and only official page for this plugin, so check it frequently!

It works with Triqui MochiAds Arcade theme for WordPress and allows you to create an arcade site based on MochiAds games.


I suppose you know how to install and configure a WP plugin. So I will only focus on this plugins features.


This plugin is intended to turn your WP blog into a MochiAds arcade site that will allow you to earn money both with Adsense (or other kinds of web advertising) and MochiAds publisher program.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of portals and a lot of crappy games (among them, some of mine!!) so you won’t have a chance to attract a decent number of visitors if you just publish games.

That’s why in this plugin you will have to add games manually. You have to create your niche arcade site if you want some chanches. No matter if you create a racing games portal or a portal with all game names starting with “T”… you must create your niche.

Read Case history: creating a successful niche Flash arcade site for some hints.


The plugin has four pages, but once installed and configured it, you will need only two of them.

I designed the plugin to make game management as quick and simple as I can.

MochiAds page

This is just a welcome screen, quite useless but it contains a “Donate” button, so check it frequently :)

1.2 upgrade: news and issues about the plugin will be prompted in this page by an iframe

Setup page

If you are installing the plugin for the first time, you just updated the plugin, you don’t remember if the plugin is up to date or simply you don’t know what to do and it’s raining, click on “Setup”. This page will create all necessary tables, directories and categories in order to make the plugin work.

If your configuration is up to date, this page simply does nothing.

1.1 upgrade: this page also checks for duplicate games, and purges the mochi table to keep it as light as possibile. Why should you have duplicate games? Because the unique game id code changed from uuid to game_tag during MochiAds‘s feed development.

Feed Games page

MochiAds updates the list of games in its distribution feed once a day. So you should call it once a day.

Games you already have in your database are marked in gray, while new games are marked in green.

In the upper form you can see “Looking for the first 100 games from offset 0

100 represents the number of games you are retrieving from the feed. The feed at the time of writing contains more than 8,000 games, but with numbers higher than 1000 you can stress your server. Moreover, if you run this page daily, you should never enter a number higher than 200

0 represents the offset, and can be used to retrieve old games from the feed without stressing the server.

Example: you want to retrieve the last 1,000 games… it’s preferred to run the page twice with 500-0 and 500-500 rather than asking for 1000-0.

Playing with these two numbers will allow you to grab the entire feed in a matter of minutes, step by step, offset by offset, with no stress for the server

1.3 upgrade: the plugin has been fixed to store the new “languages” field introduced by Mochi guys.

1.1 upgrade: the plugin now supports the new feed options to enable new micro-transactions revenue share for Mochi publishers

Manage Games page

This is the page that will manage your blog

** IMPORTANT ** Never add or delete a post from the “Posts” section in your WP Dashboard or you won’t be able to manage the game linked to that post from the Manage Games page.

Each game has three status (statuses?), and all games can be previewed directly from this page clicking on “Play”.

new: the game is (guess what?) new, this means you haven’t decided yet whether to publish it or not. With this status, the game does not appear in the blog. New games are listed in gray.

You have two buttons: Publish and Don’t publish. Clicking on the first one will turn the game to published status while clicking on the second one will turn the game to unpublished status.

published: when a game is published, it means you published it on the blog. By default, when you publish a game, you leech the swf from Mochi servers so you won’t earn money as a publisher (publisher status OFF), but you can turn on this feature, and the swf game file will be copied in your directory (publisher status ON) allowing you to earn money with “MochiAds publisher program.

Then, if you turn off the feature, you will start again leeching the game from Mochi servers and the swf game file will be deleted from your game directory

With the “Delete” button you will turn the game to unpublished status and eventually delete the swf game file from your directory, if you had publisher status ON

Notice: always check the game size before turning ON the publisher status: some hosting services have limited space and limited bandwidth, and if you copy a lot of games you may run out of space and/or bandwidth. Check your hosting company for more information.

Also notice: If you are using Triqui MochiAds Arcade theme you will need to edit one line to make it work with publisher option, or you’ll continue leeching games even if their publish status are ON.

I am preparing a new version of the theme with some interesting improvements including this one, meanwhile open index.php page into your Triqui theme folder and change line 17 (the line starting with <embed src = "... just in case you edited the theme) with

Notice too (last one): The “Delete” button only works on games published with the “Publish” button. You can’t delete games inserted with the old (and discontinued) version of this plugin – the one that published games automatically – If you want to delete one of such games, you must delete it from the “Post” section in the WP Dashboard.

unpublished: a game gets the unpublished status when you decide you won’t publish a new game, or when you delete a published game. An unpublished games does not appear in the blog and is listed in red. You can publish an unpublished game clicking on the “Publish” button.

In the upper form you can choose how many games you want to manage in the page, the offset (works in a similar way as the feed offset), what kind of games (new, published or unpublished ones) and a string they have to contain in their name.

1.1 upgrade: games with Mochi Coins enabled are marked with a $$ before their name (check Planet Basher 2 to have an example).
In the upper form now you can extend the search to game tags

I will add more options soon, I am open to any suggestion.


Here we are… time to download the plugin. It’s free to use, modify, hack and so on. However, if you are making money out of it, my PayPal address is, just in case…

Also remember I won’t give support to any request if you change some code in the plugin

Download the plugin and enjoy.

I would like to hear your opinions.

Comments 275

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  3. leandropug

    The most usefull and well mande code plugin ever seen! Love the way u comment! LoL

    As soon i put my new arcade wordpress i will sende a coment.


  4. Vadersapien

    not working for me :(. i get the same ‘No new games at the moment…’ error as in the previous versions…even on a fresh blog. is this something to do with my provider?

  5. Bob

    The plugin works great, thanks, but it desperately needs the ability to do mass actions. Having to add games one by one makes me consider reverting back to the old version. I would love it if you added that in next update.

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  7. Rob

    Great plugin. I hoped it would be just what I was looking for but sadly not. I would need something with a lot more features really. I like to have a lot more control over what I’m publishing rather than just the games such as what category to put it into, descriptions, tags etc.
    I’m sure many people will find it very useful though so nice work. I guess I’ll have to find a simple way to add games myself.

  8. Wayne


    I got the plugin and it seems to be working fine. However the publish does not appear to be working it is not downloading the files on to my server.

    Any ideas?

  9. Alex

    I went successfully 3 steps of installation:
    1)Welcome screen,
    2)Setup page (Mochi Directory, Categories, Mysql table are successfully created)
    3) Feed games – I got list of 100 games

    But nothing happens on last page – Manage Games page.
    Nothing :(
    Blank page with message “No games with these search options”

    Please, help me

  10. Wayne Shears

    Cheers man. This is awsome. I have managed to get this to work now. I just deleted my previous sql table and done a fresh install of the tables.

    Now it works a treat. Any plans on adding to the plugin to add leaderboards using the bridge?

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  12. Post
    Emanuele Feronato

    @ket: I don’t – I am getting the feed anyway

    @Dr T: never heard about it – but if you retrieve feeds, copy files and publish games, of course they are similar – Maybe you got inspired by tutorials I published last year :)

  13. SantaCruze

    Dear Emanuele Feronato,

    Thnx for the Plugin. I just got everything working …BUT…MochiAds isnt showing anything of Impressions or that the Ads r getting counted. I made sure that the Flash Games r on my Website and also setup em for Publisher Stuff etc. but in the Dashboard of MochiAds arent displayed Page Impressions for em. Any ideas ?

  14. serhan

    Emanuele thanks for publishing the plug-in, recently i’m trying to built new portal your files
    i add my publisher id on line 559 (in mochi.php), it works great
    but i couldn’t understand why custom fields still shows “swf_url” section from mochi’s swf files(i turn swicth on)??

  15. SantaCruze

    Heya again,

    Thnx for the Help Serhan, it worked. But now ive a new Prob, i tried to insert AdSense into the Template but some of the Code like the pub-id and the channel is getting greyed out once i insert it into the template. Any1 got some suggestions how to fix that ?

  16. SJG


    Integration with the mochi bridge and the leaderboard seems like it would be something that is defiantly needed or desired.

    From a design standpoint I have no idea how to integrate it onto the game page. Unless the template was widened. None the less I would be more than happy to pay for this to be included. Feel free to reach me at my email address.

  17. Art

    Nice plugin, for the next update could you add a category filter? So its a bit easier picking out the shooters or adventure games. But great plug-in can’t wait to set up my site.

  18. Post
  19. SJG


    Bug Report: The RSS Feeds seem to take a date of 1999 for some reason when using the standard publishing method inside the Mochi Control Panel.

    I am not sure what it uses to trap that but it is possibly something to do with the way that it is posting the article.

    I did find that while the twitter plug ins would not work without modification to the hook that calls the post that a good way around it was to use the ping.FM plug in for automatic updates when games are posted!!!!! WOOT!

    Another suggestion, search by tags as well as category or names. What would be awesome is if we could search featured and limit to a category.. even the mochi site cant do that, but the JSON should let it :)

  20. SJG

    Hmmm another date issue, the date that gets used for “Latest Posts Widget” pulls the date that seems to be the date the game was approved on mochi.

  21. SJG

    Ahhh Rss goes off of Post Date GMT
    Ok here is the fix for the post features to post with the correct date and the gmt offset.

    function mochi_add_games($id){
    global $wpdb;
    $id = intval($id);
    $inserted = false;
    $row = $wpdb->get_row(“select * from “.$wpdb->prefix.”mochi where status != ‘published’ and id = $id”);
    $inserted = true;
    $cat_id = array();
    foreach($row as $varname => $varvalue) {
    $$varname = $varvalue;
    $categs = explode(“,”,$categories);
    for($x=0;$xprefix.”mochi set status = ‘published’, blog_id=’$post_id’ where id = $id”;

  22. SJG

    function mochi_add_games($id){
    global $wpdb;
    $id = intval($id);
    $inserted = false;
    $row = $wpdb->get_row("select * from ".$wpdb->prefix."mochi where status != 'published' and id = $id");
    $inserted = true;
    $cat_id = array();
    foreach($row as $varname => $varvalue) {
    $$varname = $varvalue;
    $categs = explode(",",$categories);
    for($x=0;$xprefix."mochi set status = 'published', blog_id='$post_id' where id = $id";

  23. SJG

    Grrrr… wont post it correctly.

    In the add game section add and change the following lines

    $post[‘post_date’] = current_time(‘mysql’, 0);
    $post[‘post_date_gmt’]= current_time(‘mysql’, 1);

  24. mel

    SJG, can you post the new mochi_add_games() function please?

    I don’t get what’s supposed to be changed or replaced in the code you posted.

    and thanks for your help :)

  25. SJG


    I cant post long code on the comment box. It screws up the formatting.

    But what you do is where it builds the Querry Array to enter it into mySQL you change the post_date value to current_time(‘mysql’,0); which means the current time and the GMT time is with the GMT offset. Search for $post[‘post_date’] and you should see what I am talking about. Prior to this change it ads the date the game was approved on mochi…

  26. Ricardo

    Keep getting:
    “Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 25952256) (tried to allocate 26285537 bytes) in /home/public_html/ on line 283″

    This happens whenever I try to “feed games” I fed the first 100 and it worked.. now it no longer works.

    Also does anyone know how to add games manually?

  27. Ricardo

    In a reply to my own thread above. It seemed as if I had to delete the plugin and all of it’s files then re-install the plugin and it is now working!

    Does anyone know hot to add games manually so you get credit/money from the publisher standpoint? (Download the zip from mochi ads, then upload, then what?)

  28. cotralis

    I still have an message
    No new games at the moment

    I have an userid on mochiads
    and i am using version 1

    when i use the feed link manual in internet explorer i can download the file perfectly

    Do you have an solution

  29. cotralis

    i keep getting this message

    No new games at the moment…

    when i manually put the url in internet explorer i can download the json file

    what can i do to resolve this problem?

  30. hhan

    hello… im using your theme and will using your plugin…
    but where the mochi game will downloaded?in what folder?do we need to reate the folder manualy or not?thanks

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  32. dean

    Hi, thanks for the plugin, I’ve set it up ok but when I search for games that I know mochi adds have they don’t show up. Any ideas why or how I can add them?

  33. Josh

    hhan, you’d find better help at the theme topic. This is the plug-in topic. In any case, look at the theme and edit it as needed. :P

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  36. Trina

    Hi! I would like to add a page that runs Mochi Games on it and add it to our overall site. I don’t want a full games portal, just a page that features mochi games. I’ve read the article and the comments but I’m unsure if this is what I’m looking for.

    Thank you for the help!

  37. SJG


    Mochi has broken the feed.
    Here is what happened, they have added a new field to the feed called

    Since this is not in the database currently, the feed will error out, although it will not show you this unless you trace the SQL back.

    The fix is rather simple I think and that is to add the coins_revshare_enabled field right after the recomendation field. I will try to post the new sql insert that is generated but your comment system hates when I post code…

    insert into fgt_mochi (rating,author,key_mappings,height,recommendation, coins_revshare_enabled, uuid,width,thumbnail_large_url,tags,controls,swf_url,recommended,game_tag, zip_url,updated,description,author_link,swf_file_size, game_url,slug,categories,instructions, name,created,control_scheme,popularity, feed_approval_created,coins_enabled,thumbnail_url, leaderboard_enabled,resolution,status)values(‘Everyone’,’funkypear’,”,’500′,’4′,”,’317d1d39-9b73-3a72-80a0-0c20a5d1aa07′,’700′,’’,’Gravitee,Golf,Space,Planets,Worm Holes,Ball,Mouse Only,Stars’,’fire=left_mouse;jump=na;movement=arrow’,’′,’1′,’2221db602d0eec6b’,’’,’2009-08-13T21:05:29-08:00′,’Gravitee is back! Play through 40 levels of Interstellar Golf. Gravitee 2 features 4 different game play types and 90 awards to win.’,’’,’2578951′,’′,’gravitee-2_v2′,’Sports’,”,’Gravitee 2′,’2009-08-05T13:14:43-08:00′,'{“fire”: “left_mouse”, “jump”: “na”, “movement”: “arrow”}’,”,’2009-08-13T21:05:29-08:00′,”,’’,”,’700×500′,’new’)

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  39. Post
  40. dean

    thanks for the new version, I have a couple of sites, early days but I reckon they’ll do ok – I’ll make a donation as soon as they’re making dollars rather then cents!

  41. SJG


    I found there are about 10 fields that need to be updated. Thumbs/UrL 1-5, Alternative URL, Coins, And Video Url….

    Yikes… So I have mine updated now… Did you include my date fix in your 1.1?

  42. Post
    Emanuele Feronato

    At the moment I found and fixed the plugin for these ones:


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  44. Post
  45. Pingback: Triqui MochiAds Arcade plugin 1.11 released : Emanuele Feronato

  46. Ivan

    umm,im a noob at this but i get the details of the game and everything but i dont get pictures there is no game….

    again ima noob so help me out alright.


  47. Fahad Khan

    I get the game feeds but when i manage the games it is empty no games. Also the SQL wp_mochi is empty no game is injected through the feeds to the sql it was working before i dont what is wrong plz help.

  48. Yanni

    I get the same as Fahad {#61} above.
    feeding the games shows the new ones, but when I go to manage, the new games haven’t appeared.
    Haven’t installed the new upgrade yet.
    Would this be the reason?


  49. Brady

    Hey I LOVE your flash game set up! Thank you so much for putting the time into to help others! I have used your site as a reference many many times!

    Here is the site I am using ur template on and will continue to improve it:

    Also, how much is a good amount to donate to you as I think it is only fair!

  50. Post
  51. NetPotion

    It would be cool if there were a way to supply embed codes below each game for people, so that they could put the games I host on their websites & I could get credit from Mochiads for it.

  52. Viza

    I installed the plugin last night, but it says “No new games at the moment…” both at the Feed games, and the Manage games page. I tried everything mentioned in the comments (deleted the wp_mochi table from the database, deactivated and activated the plugin, deleted, and reinstalled the plugin, edited the mochi.php to include my publisher id), but it is still not working.
    Is there anything else I should try to make it work?

  53. AJ

    All I get when I try to install is:

    Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

  54. HybridMind

    Any word on when the next update of the plugin/theme might be out? I notice that the triqui site is supporting some form of mochi highscore integration and I would love to see a tutorial on that. Thanks again for your work on these two excellent products!

  55. valcs

    I found your plugin and template after i have installed arcadem on my slovak site . i post the new games on facebook and i have some english friends so i felt like doing an english version. so i have used your script and template and installed it on . now some slovaks are upset that their site is not so cool as the english one ;). thanx again for the great plug-in and template. i m not a coder and had to play with it a bit, but it rocks. I fish i could implement latest scores on my site, but maybe one day. i am not making any money from my sites yet, but i will donate.

  56. Harry

    how do I add game to the sidebar as displayed in the screenshot.png?

    Also, DO I still need to amend as described above?

    <embed src="ID.”.swf”)){echo WP_PLUGIN_URL.”/mochi/mochigames/”.$post->ID.”.swf”;}else{echo get_post_meta($post->ID, “swf_url”, true);} ?>” menu=”false” quality=”high” width=”ID, “width”, true); ?>” height=”ID, “height”, true); ?>” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”” />
    As per the style.css,it has “Version: 1.0″.

  57. Worlds Best Ever

    Well I’m curious by nature so I had to try this. I must say everything worked perfectly. Excellent work Emanuele.

    By reading these comments I say 70% of these problems are because of your host. If you plan on using this, then first of all get a good hosting account. Pay those 7$/month, you’ll get them back eventualy.

  58. Harry,
    Did you add these custom fields individually?

    add_post_meta -> $post_id,
    add_post_meta -> ’slug’
    add_post_meta -> $slug

    Or In One line ?
    add_post_meta -> ($post_id, ’slug’, $slug);

    I tried putting them in one line but couldn’t see any output on the website?
    Can you help on this please?

  59. lluent

    Hi, if you get “No new games at the moment” you need to edit your php5.ini in your server and turns on “allow_url_fopen = on”

  60. furious

    is it possible to bulk enabled and bulk publish games? or do i have to do it 1 by 1?

    is it possible to have a desired amount of games automaticly published and show on page each day?

    is it possible to have some games show randomly on your frontpage?

    for example i want one table of game to be random games and 2nd table to be new games..

    thank you, great project!


    i added the code

    add_post_meta($post_id, ‘slug’, $slug); to the plugin mochi.php


    var options = {partnerID: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”, id: “leaderboard_bridge”,globalScores:”true”,gateway : “”,callback : function (params) {document.getElementById(‘latest’).innerHTML=”Your latest score: “+params.score;}}; Mochi.addLeaderboardIntegration(options);

    in my theme…

    i also followed the instructions on creating a plug-in and added the high scores

    p.s. just finished my first game

  62. Quick

    I think I liked your older plugin better as the new one doesn’t have any mass features, I’m talking about publishing all games at the very least an “all checkboxes”, and “publish all” per page. Then a same feature to “Turn On” publisher revenue same as above.

    I saw you wrote about niche game sites, but for the people who would like all the games clicking and waiting for the processes to update for 24,000 clicks is just silly.

    I was just gonna go into my db and set everything from unpublished as published until i noticed there was game id and the other with empty information.

    I do like the newer panel, but think about including the mass update features, I for one don’t have time to sit there and keep clicking away for weeks at a time, but yet I want all the games available.

    Thanks, keeps up the good work your doing and is appreciated by many.

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  64. Conno

    The theme and plugin works great, thanks!

    One thing though… in order to get your theme compatible with the “WP-PostRatings” plugin there is a small change that is necessary:

    Add “” before the tag in the footer.php file and add “” before the tag in the header.php file.

    Before I did the above the rating stars were there but they were unclickable :)

    Check out my site if you’d like: The font I used in the logo can be found here: I also made a few small changes…

    Thanks Emanuele!

  65. Cristi

    Hi Emanuele,
    First of all,i would like to say that you made a good job and thanks for this wonderful plugin.
    Is there any modified plugin to add games manually like in a arcade script? You will make one?

    Thank you,

  66. gustavo herrera

    In setting up te theme an the plugin. In the mochi option, when I try to feeds games the dashboard display me this error:

    Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/7/d265535014/htdocs/juegosClaro/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 286

    Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /homepages/7/d265535014/htdocs/juegosClaro/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 286

    No new games at the moment…

    Someone have any idea to solve this problem? thanks a lot!

  67. bfg

    Hi Emanuele,

    its me again, reporting the bug in the plugin I found earlier today.

    In line 331 of the mochi.php your escape the values of the mochi feed manually like this:
    $values.= “‘”.str_replace(“‘”,”\\'”,$$varname).”‘,”;
    This line of code does not escapes apostrophes correctly, which resulted in a mysql error when this character is included in the feed.

    I changed this line to:
    $values.= “‘”.mysql_real_escape_string($$varname).”‘,”;
    to fix this problem.
    Maybe you’re escaping this way in some other place too, which is potentially harmful, but I did not check for that.

    I hope this helps, and thanks again for your great work!

  68. Harry

    I have good traffic on my website.

    On Mochiads in my publisher report I don’t see any impression since I launched my site.

    Does anybody why is it not showing anything? Do I need to change anything in the file?
    I use , publish and ON.

    thanks in advance

  69. saparee

    i need some help!!
    i try follow every solution from this blog for solve my feed game. but my feed status still “No new games at the moment”.

    I really need to use this plugin. Anybody can hepl me? please.

  70. saparee

    i try this plugin in my localhost (appserv) and it’s work!!

    but when i try using on my real host with feed game, this text is show “No new games at the moment”.

    Why? and What i can do?

    p.s. i try to change url of “$mochi_url” and it is not work for me.

  71. Me

    I think they updated something today (Feb 25th) and it may have broken the feed. Am I the only one who gets the games but they don’t appear in the manage part?

  72. Umid

    Dear all,

    It was ok last week. I could feed games, manage them without any problem.

    But today, i see new games in green in the Feed Games page but can’t download and publish them at all.

    Does anybody knows why it is happening?


  73. Me

    Umid, actually, it was ok this afternoon (of the 25th of February), but like I said, I think MochiAds updated something related to how they rate a game before they publish it and perhaps that may have messed up our feed.

    Hopefully Emanuele will save us all!

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  75. Post
  76. Post
  77. Harry

    I over wrote the files, I displays the games, but when I click on “Manage Game”, I get – No games with these search options. – Any clue?

    Also, a format to put in the publisher ID would be
    a helpful.

    Thanks in advance

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  79. Luis

    I get 100 games on fee games, but when I click on “Manage Game” I get No games to select to publish.
    I havent any idea, the wp theme was working good untill 4 days ago.
    Could you help me?

  80. Umid

    It does not work for me :(

    Uploaded all files, when I go to feed games i see new games found text, but there are no new games in Manage page :(

  81. Harry

    Has anybody noticed,after you CLICK ‘ON’ and then Download games, it doesn’t anymore.
    its started just today.

  82. vincenzo

    hi, I can’t figure out why the stats on mochimedia are still at 0 visits and 0 game hosted, when i published about 20 games.

    I did put my publisherid in mochi.php and changed line 17 in index.php.

    any idea???

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  84. Joe

    After much searching, and testing other plugins your is by far the best and easiest to use.

    I have an question on how we can download the thumbs and have them uploaded to the server, I need this so I may utilize the timthumb script.


  85. Robby

    The plugin doesn’t download/feed the games correctly anymore, when i go to feed games it lists the new games. But when i want to manage/add new games they don’t appear? It’s like he discards the new feeded games.. i can’t submit new games? HELP..

    Am i the only one?

  86. Brandon

    I installed this script. But why is there no sidebar? Also, I get an error whenever I try to turn the publisher feature on for the games.

  87. tmax

    Hello, I am using the 0.9 beta of this plugin, and the theme 1.1 i belive but i want to upgrade so i can earn….

    when i upgrade plugin games are not ther, i have found problem is that it gives url like swf=/home/thetmys1/public_html/…..

    i got to make it get rid of /home/thetmus1/public html so its just /wp-content/plugin/game…

  88. watt

    The script creates posts but they’re empty. Also, can’t see them on the index page. I’m using the buddypress, not the games template.
    In the manage games section, games can be loaded using the showswf.php link, I don’t understand why the newly creaqted posts are empty instead of containing the game.
    Any idea on this?

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  90. RickyG

    Using WP 3.0 and your newest theme and plugin. When I go to SETUP I get an error for category

    Fatal error: Class ‘IXR_Error’ not found in /home/XXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 344

  91. paixnidia

    Hi, I test the plugin on localhost in my computer but i get no games.
    The plugin works on localhost?
    It seems to be a good plugin and i want to use on my existing site in order to add niche content but i want to be sure before mess up the live site.

  92. paixnidia

    Problem solved.
    It was from php.ini settings.
    Mochi feed is huge and requires memory.
    So, i changed the upload_max_filesize to 64M,
    post_max_size to 64M and memory_limit to 128M in php.ini file.
    This settings works on my localhost.
    I hope this helps if you can’t see games.

  93. valerian

    hi guys.

    my script started to behave weird. id does the same like riki’s 149. post and changing the mentioned vasriables did not help. but what is worse it does not show me the newly fed games in “manage games”. it feeds them, but does not show. the newest games it shows are games from january this year. any ideas? thank you

  94. valerian

    nobody? ok here is the other case. i have reinstalled the script. worked like charm until i was loading the set of 6000. again. it feeds it, but the manager shows no games.can anybody help? please?

  95. Albert

    Now the script playing the same game in manage games, doesn’t matter what link I clicked on, it playing the always the same game. May the mochi feed changed again?

  96. DrGEN

    Fantastic plugin!
    I’m trying this at localhome and i can only see 10 games/page.
    How can i set a different number? (i.e. 60 like you are showing in

  97. DrGEN

    Is there a way to hide some categories from appearing in the home page??
    For example, i want to write some text posts (under Text category) and don’t want that appear between games at home page. Is there a way to do that?

  98. DrGEN

    Inside MochiAds plugin (at manage games tab) is there a way to search for a specific game by name? For example, how i can find “Stunt Bike Pro”?

  99. Johnny G

    I am having great difficulty setting up this plugin. First problem is as follows;

    Fatal error: Class ‘IXR_Error’ not found in /home/pro1/public_html/BeatTheStreets/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 344

    That’s what’s on the set-up page, how do I fix it-just for starters

    1. brunushky

      Hi, I get the same error and this block the script execution… the only solution I found was add this to the scrip in mochi.php

      include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/class-IXR.php’);

      This seems to solve the problem … at least there is no more errors, and the script is running as it should be.

      Thanks Emanuele

  100. Johnny g.

    hi guys,

    there have been several correspondance’s since I left the first version of this comment.

    I get the below fatal message- what does it mean and how does it get fixed?

    Fatal error: Class ‘IXR_Error’ not found in /home/XXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 344

  101. jorgehill

    hello, i´ve downloaded and activated, tried several times, but i dont get any list of games or any function whatsoever, the plugin just stands there activated but does nothing :( , help please

    1. Lee H

      I ran into the same issues as you while trying to get the plugin to work. There are several issues with paths when using WP 3.0 multisite. I don’t know if this applies when using WP as a single site though.
      Anyhow I did some quick and dirty changes and got the plugin to run as expected. Or at least I think. I have no experience with the plugin before yesterday. I will say I do love this plugin and I have the highest respect for the author. I’m sure he’s busy as heck not to resolve this issue. I tried posting my edited file on pastebin and the code kept getting munged up. So I’ll host a text file on my site until the author updates the plugin or asks me to remove it.
      Just download this .txt file and rename the extension to .php
      Note…. I haven’t resolve the SQL date issue because I don’t have the time nor desire to do so. But the plugin works a treat.
      The file:

  102. Nayah

    I have done some modifications to the theme, just trying to understand how can we download the thumbnail to our server, that we have under thumbnail_url. I think it will be great for SEO purpose. Also once i saw an issue where in none of the game image was loading(could be issue with Mochi for some time)even when the game was loading fine.

  103. Colin Young

    I cannot see any thumbnails on my homepage can you help me please?

    Also, on the setup page I get this error. ‘Class ‘IXR_Error’ not found in /home/admin247/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 344′

    Can you please help?

  104. Kang Bull

    It is an excellent plug-in I’ve activated on my new game site. Using Triqui Theme this plugin work well without any problem. I also try to activate on other theme, in order to work, some “custom field” should be changed: thumbnail, swf url, game url, etc. So I can publish game from mochi, and also post some game reviews. My wordpress is 2.9.1 version.

  105. Sephelia

    help getting this message when trying to load Triqui… Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Theme installed successfully.

    Warning: fopen(/home/diarcade/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp-content/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/diarcade/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4165

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/diarcade/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4168

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/diarcade/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4171

  106. kukuxumushu

    Hi! i’m getting two different errors, first when i’m trying to get the feed.
    “Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/kukuxumu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 287″
    and the other one in the setup “Fatal error: Class ‘IXR_Error’ not found in /home/kukuxumu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 344″

    your help is really appreciated ^^

  107. nithin

    1) The theme is fantastic but it has no option to allow the no. of games to be displayed or select a particular game to be displayed.
    how can i make the number of games to display correctly as triqui official site. please help.

    2) how can i remove the uncategorised in the site and it is constant movement. please check my site.
    my site address is
    please email me the solution

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  110. Post
  111. Post
  112. Thunder-man

    Hey Emanuele,
    can you please tell us the changes?
    I have modified the plugin and must change it
    myself …


    1. Post
      Emanuele Feronato

      sure: I only added a text column to wp_mochi (the table with all games) called “languages”

      The code is

      $query = “ALTER TABLE $table_name ADD languages TEXT NOT NULL AFTER screen1_thumb;”;

  113. Lee H

    @Emanuele Feronato
    Thanks for the fix, and stating the changes. I too have a heavily modified plugin so upgrade wasn’t a easy option. I didn’t notice the new “languages” field.

  114. Beni Oktopiansah

    I have try in WordPress 3.1 on my blog It’s work, but at admin area to manage the games, the preview of games to be a tile preview, not only one at left side. But overall it’s OKE, great. Actually I made a tutorial book but still in my language, perhaps I can translate in English later

  115. techtikus

    The post for the game is created when I pressed the publish button but there is no game published in the post. What can I do to resolve this.

    when I click on the ‘turn on’ button this error is generated

    Warning: copy(/home/techtiku/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochigames/566.swf) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/techtiku/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 193

    I think maybe this is the cause on why there is no game published in the post. Could help me resolve this problem. A thousand thank yous in advance.

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  117. ccs

    If I am use this plugin , I need to download from mochimedia and upload to my own server to earn money ?
    I am no need to upload to own server, just using this plugin game feed ( it’s mochimedia server) also can earn money ?

    I’m a publishers….

    another question is : This plugin is match for other theme ?

    sorry for my poor english….

  118. Philip Dalesio

    I just installed version 1.3 and I have two problems

    The first is on the manage games page i get thumbnails of the game all the way acros the page and have a hard time reading the text that is under neat the thumbnails.

    The second is on the site featured games page when I try to get the next group of games i get the same group it seems stuck on page 1

  119. Philip Dalesio

    Hello again I managed to fix all but one of the problems.that is the one on the manage games page i get thumbnails of the game all the way acros the page and have a hard time reading the text that is under neat the thumbnails.

    The other problems were a daya base problem which has been fixed.

    my other question is has any one installed the Mochi API package yet if so how gig you do it?

  120. Chris


    I am working on a fresh site with no other plugins.

    When I open setup I get the error message
    “Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /homepages/32/d109506319/htdocs/Kidsgames/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 166

    Mochi Directory not created – try again”

    Any advice would be appreciated

  121. Manuel Boissiere


    I ve just got the plugin but I get the following error message on the set up page

    mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /home/wwwgames/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 166

    Any idea?

  122. Miks

    Hi! When I go to set up, mochi directory, it return error file not found /home/etc/.. does not exist.

    Yes, thats because the site got moved. So how can I update this without reinstalling everything?

  123. CD


    I got this error message after installing the plugin – “Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /home/cosmetol/public_html/ on line 166
    Mochi Directory not created – try again” – How do I try again?

    The games have been posted but when I click on them no games are showing and the game titles (which should be linked to the games) are not clickable.

    I then tried to manually insert the embedded code for published game into its post but still no game is showing. How does this work anyway?

    Thanks for the plugin though.

  124. Terry

    The error from mochi.php on 166 is caused because the plugin directory name should be “mochi” and not the zip file name of “mochi_plugin_13″.

    Just rename the directory before activating the plugin. You may have to deactivate, delete and reinstall.

    Also some servers do not allow the mkdir function, so you may also have to create a directory inside the “mochi” directory called “mochigames”.

    Now if I only knew how to enter my mochi ID so I could earn revenue?

  125. Z

    Lee, I have seen your message, but your links are broken.
    Can u upload them again? It will be very helpfull for my arcade site.

    Sincerely thanks.

  126. Martin

    hi, i downloaded and installed triqui MochiAds Arcade plugin. everything went fine, but when i wanted to play any of those games, it wouldn’t start. can you help?

  127. Mohamed Fayed

    this error apper to me when i enter on “setup”

    Mochi Directory

    Mochi Directory already created at /home/games600/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochigames

    Fatal error: Class ‘IXR_Error’ not found in /home/games600/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 344

  128. TheMario

    Can you help me

    i receive this error on “setup” page;

    Mochi Directory

    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Unable to access /home/ysn/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochigames in /home/ysn/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 166

    Mochi Directory not created – try again

  129. triqui

    @Mohamed Fayed

    …you two work to rush i think so…

    Hint: plugins files to plugins folder /wp-content/plugins
    themes files to themes folder /wp-content/themes

    mochi_plugin_13 mochi –> plugins
    triqui themes folder

    Good luck!

  130. Andri

    I found error, when I feed the games “50 new games found” but when I manage the games “No games with these search options” It is already marked as NEW.

    Can you help me..what is wrong with it?

  131. breakerNews

    Hello, I encounter a problem. As of august 17.
    I tried to get the mochi game feeds and found new and old games but when I go to manage games, it is not showing any games to install.

    how do we fix this?


  132. Dominik Zoyke

    The mochi game feed structure was changed, again.
    Do this, again:

    And a text column to wp_mochi (the table with all games) called “achievements_enabled”

    The code is

    $query = “ALTER TABLE $table_name ADD achievements_enabled TEXT NOT NULL AFTER languages;”;


  133. Komizart

    Hello! Please help me.

    I have correctly setup your mochi plagin(no errors in setup page). In “Feed Games” page I have 100 new game and 0 old every time. And in “Manage Games” I have nothing(

    what I must do?

  134. Mudassir

    For Error

    ### Mochi Directory ###

    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Unable to access /home/ysn/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochigames in /home/ysn/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 166

    Change Code in file (mochi.php)
    $creation = mkdir($dir,0777);
    $creation = $old = umask(0); mkdir($dir,0777); umask($old);

  135. Dan

    I must be missing something about how to add games for posting to my website. When I use the Feed Games menu, all game titles are displayed in green, meaning they are considered “new”. I’m unable to select any to ad, and if I go into the Manage Games window, I do see games that the status is set as new, but they don’t aren’t the same as the ones on the Feed Games that I just loaded. Also any attempt to load from an offset other than 0 in the Manage Games form give a result of no game s found.

    Anyone have some insight they can share with me?

  136. Billy

    Just thought I’d help…

    Instead of doing what Dominik Zoyke posted, since he left no other specific instructions,

    You can run the following as a SQL query in PHPMYADMIN:

    ALTER TABLE wp_mochi ADD achievements_enabled TEXT NOT NULL AFTER languages

    Tested and works (for me at least)

  137. Dominik Zoyke

    I wrote the lines into the mochi.php file, function mochi_table(), before the last line ‘echo “Table “.$wpdb->prefix.”mochi…’. After that I klicked on ‘Setup’ of the MochiAds Arcade Plugin.

    What kind of error did you get?

  138. yanni

    @ Dominik Zoyke

    I tried your fix and I get a syntax error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/yanni1/public_html/ on line 432

    any ideas on how to fix this?


  139. Dave

    Please, help me

    I have the same problem

    I went successfully 3 steps of installation:
    1)Welcome screen,
    2)Setup page (Mochi Directory, Categories, Mysql table are successfully created)
    3) Feed games – I got list of 100 games

    But nothing happens on last page – Manage Games page.
    Nothing :(
    Blank page with message “No games with these search options”

  140. yohan

    I have the same problem for triqui 1.3 version.

    this is my error code::

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed

    can you please help me

  141. Francesca

    Buonasera Emanuele, chiedo scusa ma so’ scrivere solo in italiano.. :-(

    Purtroppo, come altri sopra, non riesco a far scaricare il files dei giochi e non riesco a capire cosa sbaglio, potresti darmi qualche dritta? Grazie, Francesca

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  143. jason

    I have the same problem for triqui 1.3 version.
    nothing happens on last page – Manage Games page.
    just “No games with these search options”
    who can help me Thanks

  144. MegaBrutal

    I’ve just set up an arcade site, and I had the same problem as jason, Dave, and many others had (no games on the “Manage Games” page).

    What solved my problem is the post from Dominik Zoyke on August 21, 2011 at 4:09 pm. Thanks! :)

    Before, I also did what Lee suggested on May 27, 2011 at 10:13 pm. I’m not sure if that made a change at all, I didn’t notice.

  145. Bob

    I have the same problem for triqui 1.3 version.
    nothing happens on last page – Manage Games page.
    just “No games with these search options”
    who can help me Thanks

    Same as jason. What do I do?

  146. John daroza

    Cannot redeclare handle_mochi() (previously declared in D:\Website\htdocs\demo\wp-content\plugins\mochi\mochi.php:16) in D:\Website\htdocs\demo\wp-content\plugins\mochi_plugin_13\mochi.php on line 34

    I get this error when i click active this plugin

  147. John daroza

    when i click on Feed Games.
    i loaded 100 games and then i click manage game, i get note ” No games with these search options ”

    i don’t know what happen ? please help me

    thank you

  148. Insaf

    To all those who cant find games in “Manage Games” menu.

    Run Sql query in phpMyAdmin query window as stated by Billy

    Here is the command:
    ALTER TABLE wp_mochi ADD achievements_enabled TEXT NOT NULL AFTER languages

    Credits goes to Billy

    (I have just tested it and it works!!)

  149. amirul

    I keep on getting this line when i want to turn the publisher on.

    Warning: copy(/home/playonli/public_html/play/play/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochigames/4.swf) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/playonli/public_html/play/play/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php on line 193

    publisher feature: OFF (you aren’t getting publisher revenue from this game)

    can anyone help me?

  150. Melawe


    The plugin isn’t working, how can I fix it? I’m getting this error message: Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /hermes/web06/b646/moo.jarojaro/tests/game/wp2/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 166

  151. Syera Syailendra

    I have done Edit Theme Inline 17 and then upload this plugin but when activated i got mesages

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mt_toplevel_page() (previously declared in /home/warpage/public_html/gamezone/wp-content/plugins/mochi/mochi.php:47) in /home/warpage/public_html/gamezone/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 61

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  153. Billy

    go to /wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/ and create a directory there named mochigames. Please note that the files in 1.3 were meant to override the existing plugin. I would recommend renaming mochi_plugin_13 to just mochi

    Same issue. You’re using both 1.2 and 1.3 of the plugin. Replace the files in /mochi/ with the files in /mochi_plugin_13/ and remove /mochi_plugin_13/

    I’m still having some issues with this plugin myself. I really wish the author would step in. You have a lot of people willing to support this plugin/theme project of yours.

  154. Hi There

    I had the same issues, it wouldnt feed new games, i fixed that by changing the mochi feed from the default/current ( to:

    Than manage wouldn’t update, it needed to have ‘stage3d’ in the mochi table.
    Go to PHP my admin, click on the right database, click on wp_mochi, click on structure then scroll down to the bottom where you can add a column.

    I added 1 column at the end,

    name = stage3d
    type = text

    then press start, it will add the column to wp_mochi and it should work again.

    This fixed it for me, hope it will for you!

  155. Disciplyne

    Does anyone know how to change this script so that it uses cURL instead of fopen to grap the feed? I tried, but haven’t figured out how to pass the parameters ‘limit’ and ‘offset’ using cURL.

  156. Disciplyne

    Also when using cURL, because it creates a file to be read from, I’d think parsing it into an xml file would be the best, but not sure how to get that done either so that the rest of the mochiads plugin can read from it.

  157. Daniyal Ahmad

    i’ve upgrade my host to php 5.5 and MySQL: MariaDB-server-10.0.22-1.el6.x86_64.

    and now my site was displayed error 500.

    is there any way to fix it ?

    thank you

  158. Obat Wasir


    The plugin isn’t working, how can I fix it? I’m getting this error message: Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /hermes/web06/b646/moo.jarojaro/tests/game/wp2/wp-content/plugins/mochi_plugin_13/mochi.php on line 166

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