Creation of a Flash Facebook application using AMFPHP

Some days ago I showed you how to create a Flash Facebook application using the AS3 API.

Now Yarden Refaeli from Rigel Games is sharing with us his experience in creating a Flash Facebook application using another technique.

Let’s read it:

« Hello, my name is Yarden Refaeli and I have been flash programmer for 1 year. A few weeks ago, I decided to make my first facebook flash game, Snaker. Well, I won’t lie: It was HARD. After I made it to the end, I decided to write a tutorial about the best approach to build flash-facebook game. So let’s start!

First, we need to save our meta user-data about every user in OUR database, and for this we need to use a server-side language (in this tutorial I will talk about Mysql, but every other database or server-side language is fine).

Let’s say we want to make a game that save our score at the end, and then show us the score we got, and the scores of our friends. We need to save the score for every user, with it’s unique id, which can easily access through facebook APIs. Now lets say we want to do all the server-side jobs, with PHP and not flash: we don’t want to get the user-data we need from facebook-flash API, then send it all the way to the server and store it in the database, we want ALL the facebook/database related work, done on the server-side, with PHP. You should know, that you can access simple facebook library PHP code from flash, you need to authenticate first with the facebook function “set_user” with your user’s uid, and session key, that passed via the FBML tag in the flash vars. (for some strange reason, there is NO official documentation for this function AT ALL)

Now, flash needs to communicate with the server-side (POST requests for example). We can build our own dandy classes in PHP and AS3 (as I did in the beginning), but why? We shouldn’t spend precious time on this task when we have AMFPHP!

AMFPHP is a great open-source tool that allow flash to communicate with the server-side in a few lines of code! All you need to do, is of course, write the server-side functions, and then you can call it from your SWF, with Actionscript 3.

For example, if we want to get the user’s name from the server (using PHP and Facebook PHP-Platform), we need to create the following PHP class:

facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret);
		$this->facebook->set_user($uid, $sessionKey);
		$name = $facebook->api_client->users_getInfo($uid, 'name');
		$name = $name[0];
		return "Hi," . $name . ", how do you do?";					


And save it in the “services” directory of AMFPHP, on our server. Now all we need to do is to call this function from our Actionscript 3 code, like this:

package {
	// required for flash file and output display
	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	// required to send/recieve data over AMF
	import flash.text.TextField;
	public class Main extends MovieClip {
		private var gateway:String = "path/to/gateway.php";
		private var connection:NetConnection;
		private var responder:Responder;
		private var response_text:TextField;
		public function Main() {
			// Responder to handle data returned from AMFPHP.
			this.responder = new Responder(this.onResult);
			this.connection = new NetConnection;
			// Gateway.php url for NetConnection
			this.respond_text = new TextField();
			// Get the auth vars from the flash vars
			var sessionKey:String = LoaderInfo(this._root.loaderInfo).parameters.fb_sig_session_key;
			var uid:String = LoaderInfo(this._root.loaderInfo).parameters.fb_sig_user;
			// call remote function"HiWorld.sayHi", responder, uid, sessionKey);
		// Handle an AMF call. This method is defined by the responder. 
		private function onResult(result:Object):void {
			this.response_txt.text = String(result);

In this tutorial, we use the NetConnection class to connect flash and PHP. Actually, the NetConnect is more like the “pipe” between them, as all the data passed with it. The first parameter for the “connect” method of our connection object, is the className.function to call, the second is the responder object, and the others are the parameters for the function. When you call the remote function, you can pass as many parameters to PHP as the function require. The responder is an object with a reference to a function, (simple and stupid ;) ) that will be invoked when the request completed. When we get the data from the server, the “onResult” function called, with the result parameter. The result paramter is an object that the server returned. Our function simply cast it to string and put it in our text field.

Note: AMFPHP is also ENCRYPT the data sent (vice-versa), and automatically decrypt it as well in the other side.

This way, we can access all the data that facebook supply… Now only the skies are the real limit… This is what I’ve done in snaker (Actually, I’ve built a Highscore class in AS, that handle all the highscore and facebook related data).

This was my first tutorial ever about AMFPHP and facebook! Feel free to send me feedback to yard2010[at]gmail[dot]com! I hope you learned something new =]

All the code above most be in it’s appropriate place: PHP on compatible server, and the SWF must run only in a facebook canvas page with the fb:swf FBML tag! »

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