«It's been a long time, man. But after months of procrastination, -Gravity- is done.

I've submitted it to Newgrounds. At time of writing, it isn't getting the best scores in the portal, but that's all right. It's an innovative bit of ones and zeros, and, I tried. I've submitted it to AddictingGames, too, and, ego aside, it'll hopefully get front page there.

I want to thank you, though. Without your help, none of this would have been possible. With your help, though, I've been able to submit some fairly decent material to Newgrounds. I've learned more Actionscript than most, and now, I can go off and make a game all my own.

It has been an honor, man. I'm including a copy of -Gravity- with this email, just in case»
Jon Dutko

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